Winter’s Bone (2010) – A cruel world

Adapted from the novel of the same name released in 2006 by writer Daniel Woodrell, winter’s Bone is a works in independent film with funding merely finishing 2 million USD. The film won the two most important award-best feature film and best screenplay at the Sundance LHP-last year. At Oscar’s place in late February, winter’s Bone is also a big surprise this year when nominated in 4 categories: best picture, actress, supporting actor and adapted screenplay. This also is a special work and hard to watch for in 10 films in competition for best film at the Academy Awards.

Films set in the winter in a mountainous region of pig-in Ozark, Missouri, Usa. Her baby Ree 17 years to become pillars of the family when her father left biền, the mother, the mental disease, two children were still young. One day, the police came to the House told Ree that her father, Jessup Dolly has whole House mortgage in a trafficking contraband. If not, the Court Jessup family Ree will be escorted out of the House. Risking his life, Ree up the road to find his father. Her 17 years on the lies, the contempt and the main threat came from his relatives to find out the truth. REE made a solitary journey to find a way to rescue his little family.

Under the Headline “take advantage of Missouri, where I was listening to tunes on the ca. Old friends are whispering to young, the party, roaring, soothing banjo that calmly … “-singing the opening movie folk led the audience to come up with a very private world of winter’s Bone. It is a picture of the United States far from the blockbuster that audiences Vietnam is still familiar. No high buildings such as skyscrapers in Washington, no person over the busiest back guys like in New York, no lights are brilliant, colorful shimmering from the Casino in Las Vegas, also does not have the lavish villas, beachfront splendor like in Miami or Orange County.

The image of the United States in winter’s Bone is a ruined countryside, far away are being covered by a dark, chilly, Rana quạnh of winter. Secluded paths, the stems or tree leaves, the extreme side of cattle starved long on … The image of the opposition visibly Missiouri countryside with its flashy, glossy of the great cities in the United States. The tea liquor, drugs, violence, sex, lies, all present in the grim world of winter’s Bone. The main things that caused the child as Ree become older before age and get the powerful, extraordinary when faced with these severe circumstances.

At the age of 17, maybe is an beautiful clothes Ree, polished makeup, driver seat box with a rich boyfriend as other teen cover girl in many teen films of the United States of America. But no, Ree on day of hunting, firewood, cooking, caring for two small children and elderly mother of mental disease.He then left, there isn’t any Frank would. How much burden down her shoulders tight constraints.Her goal is to enlist to get bonus money to take care of his family. Moreover, to save both escape from homelessness, Ree alone go to each home to relatives who asked Frank. However, she was shunned, insulted and even beaten very cruel just because all of them are involved to the drugs and the fear of crime.

Painting the human fate in Missouri in winter’s Bone Debra Granik Director was style over substance bold cinematic language independent film. The film has a solo and slowly, the camera goes by Ree character throughout the journey knocked on the door of each House to search for information about his father. The color gray, overcast, chilly represents the dark, the deadlock of life here. How to build air in winter’s Bone put push the viewer into a tense, imperative, but at least have the dramatic.Instead, every angle, every image, each character’s dialogue are created a feeling for the audience.Can say, in 100 minutes length movies, viewers were sucked into the world of escape winter’s Bone and the same experience with loneliness, coldness of human and animal scenes.

The film also used the music of the American countryside. Melodic emotional guitar, country, lyrical, rich singing voice of an elderly woman … makes the film’s murky atmosphere sometimes place is chill out. The distant, indifferent, lukewarm of the people where it was clearly shown when Ree each go home they knocked on the door to ask about his father. Whether Ree’s father has died, then you also need to find his body, if not his debts brought home mortgage will be prosecuted. At the time, Ree, crazy mother and two children just left the country for exile to go elsewhere. But the girl’s relatives, who are chasing, menacing, ruthless Ree. Some people give her money and said don’t learn everything in wisdom and in the home. However, the attitude and the words that don’t make Ree down. She still goes to search out the truth.

The role of Ree-20 year old actress Jennifer Lawrence-is one of the surprises of the past year’s world cinema. She took on the character of a close, honest way and seems to not have the “is anti-” up to “cast”. Director Debra Granik says about Jennifer: “she’s so much effort to learn about the world of thorough Ree. Her world is a comprehensive hunting, firewood, along the characteristic American intonation. From at to Missouri before filming, Jen has become familiar with the House that we borrow to do context “. Jennifer also learned how to use inexpensive objects in the home, in the name of the dog, with two American actress and role with that of a sister.

Can say with what was shown on the screen, Jennifer Lawrence causing viewers to believe she really “lived” with the character of Ree. Honesty in the way her character incarnations make the audience think the girls like Ree completely bogus somewhere in a country the United States. REE carries an anguish and felt helpless before his life. But because the children, because of their duty, Ree put faith and hope into an absolute miracle open up brighter futures for themselves. Impertinence, mistakes the doldrums of Ree was Jennifer Lawrence Peel described through the eyes. The girl’s tiny humanoid with wool hat goes between the vast natural landscapes or scenes Ree conscription is the snippets of viewers not from Chanh long. Jennifer absolutely worthy of a nomination for outstanding female actor in Oscar 2011.

Extra actors also completed well their role. One of the best impression is he Uncle Teardrop of Ree.Its bite, fierce opposition to the sensitive, delicate and warm heart inside of him. Initially, when Ree find coming, Teardrop even backlash by strangulation Ree. But increasingly, the character the more markedly change. Teardrop representing the people-the night of decadence men drunk, drugs. There is no escape, life has no purpose, the relationship is frozen, people talking … Recently, John Hawkes, who played Teardrop, also was nominated for best supporting actor.

For those audiences accustomed to the movies entertain the winter’s Bone is a very hard work “Grunts”. Speeding slow, at least in the film’s dramatic will make many people feel sleepy, even is not enough patience to read more when that movie not yet half. But for the audience’s favorite film independent line then this really is a film not to be missed. How rich the image, great background design, impressive acting of the cast and the story carries the message of winter’s Bone is the point of making the movie scored mark the major film awards, including the Academy Awards.

The title itself-winter’s Bone-also carry many hidden meanings. If a “rough and black”, that means winter bones. But it seems the writer Daniel Woodrell, author of the novel, through the story of her father in the countryside in search of Ree Missouri to talk to the “spherical cold bones” in human relationships. Loneliness, Rana quạnh and wilderness landscapes where characters live is probably still not frozen by the way humans treat each other. Is blood, intestines of meat but the apathy, the protein that the relatives for Ree led many people to shudder and could hardly believe it. However, the film’s sophistication as well as full picture close between three sisters Ree shows that although humans have pushed down where the extreme, harsh survival instincts, most will still exert powerful effects on tuber

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