“We, The Forlorn” (Myridian) – Ingenious reproduction the standards of Melodic Metal

“Breaking the palm”, “Okera” and now is “Mydirian”. Three band with a lot of similarities. Along came from Melbourn, Australia, same started as independent bands, no label, along with the surprise album do it yourself get all full of excellence. And now together they turn Australia into promising melodic death. One of the most important similarities. That is they carry in themselves the influence of the Scandinavian lands. Breaking of palm leaves are disciples of the Gothenburg sound, Okera is Opeth’s copy. Also Myridian? They are the result of a night of warm salty fellatio between Insomnium, and Swallow The Sun.

“We, The Forlorn” is the album which built according to a formula. Most of the tracks were started by piano or acoustic intro. Melodic death in overwhelming powerful. The rhythm changed abruptly in the middle of the track with acoustic folk ensemble spread and BOOM back to last.

My first impression score is piano. Not only plays the role of intro open cold air, u up for each track that of the height of segment We, The Forlorn, the same keyboard piano still stand up, sometimes portrayed riding up the intense rhythms of the drums and the guitar. Single piano notes, lonely but dramatic piano created more depth for their album, mysterious atmosphere, epic dark gothic strokes a little echo phảng dark.

The second point that is the acoustic guitar. As if anyone Break the leaves of Palm and then make Okera are acknowledging your Pocket suffer quite heavy influence of Opeth in acoustic gameplay. The sound is clear, frigid liquid, which as not playing. Cold, sharp guitar OWL but phảng echo the haunting, ambiguous.

As said above, Insomnium is one of the names most recent influence growing up Myridian. The silver blue, medium sized cold loneliness. Flexible guitar, emotion-rich repeats from slowly, turn the speed up and then broke out in the morning with a full chorus melody falls off as the same flood movement vocalist screamed with all the anger, hurt. Vocalist of Myridian rotation rhythms of art between harsh growls and clean vocals,. In Silent Death comes with the speed of fatigue, depression of harsh voice doom metal vocals screamed with pain-filled screams desperation near the end. Whereas with A Lone Rose along with the speed and music similar to growl vocals create a feeling like a demon rage drunk sleep.

We, The Forlorn not only the dark and the cold of winter the North. There is also the Sun pierces the mountains shine in crystal-clear skies of winter. The track as a acoustic I, Beret or Snowscape paintings painting music with the sound of gentle stretching, hypnosis man as the endless snow fields. Clean vocal fragility, only I could craft such as the lonely human footsteps walked between the majestic nature.

Two epic Desolace and Mourning Tide is the height of the second album, what the essence of Myridian. Snippet of the chorus regularly, wide-eyed as the waves following class override the previous layer, tone out rhythmic movement. Acoustic thỏng sharp drop release ever pitches do the bridge between the climax of more intense than before.

Myridian not create something new. They simply copy the standard way and ingenious material available of the Melodic Doom/Death of Northern Europe. But with all that they do deserve to be folded into the ranks of the special talent of melodic death

Full Album Information

Band: Myridian
Genre: Melodic Doom/Death
Album: We, The Forlorn
Year: 2015
Nation: Australia
Album: We, The Forlorn
Year: 2015
Nation: Australia

01. We, The Forlorn (10:23)
02. Silent Death (06:56)
03. These Weary Bones (feat. Nick Magur) (07:24)
04. A Lone Rose (10:07)
05. I, The Bereft (03:10)
06. Snowscape (08:27)
07. Desolace (09:38)
08. Mourning Tide (12:11)

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