The System has Failed (2004) (Megadeth) Review

Megadeth, as many people know, is one of the best Thrash Metal bands of the 1990s. Although founded in 1983, but the heyday of Megadeth only really started following their best album, Rust In Peace. That followed successfully succeeded to the Megadeth album: Countdown to Extinction through the 1992, 1994, 1995 Treasure Hidden Youthanasia, Cryptic Writing 1997. However, after the album Cryptic Writing, bare foot, Nick Menza had left the band and was replaced in the Group’s next album is Jimmy Degrasso. Not only that, by the year 1999 is the departure of the infamous guitarist Marty Friedman, in the Group’s next album, Capitol Punishment, guitar position was filled by Al Pitreli.
Due to a mix-up in the team’s final three albums Megadeth should be Risk 1999, Capitol Punishment 2000 and The World Needs a Hero 2001 marked a step down in the band’s career.
After the dissolution of Megadeth, the members have in turn put to other bands. Bassist David Ellefson along with former Sepultura guitarist Max Cavalera formed the band Soutfly, Al Pitrely to play for Asia, drummer Jimmy Degrasso to band Y & T, the only remaining Dave Mustaine with nerve injury to his left hand cherished hope “rebirth” Megadeth on 1 October.

And on 13 January 2004, after successful treatment, Dave Mustaine was officially re-form Megadeth, who embraces the whole world Thrash Metal during the first half of the 1990s. Dave has recovered for Megadeth guitarist, Chris Poland. the remaining two members are Jimmy Sloas and Vinnie Colaiuta bass position in, blank.
As soon as full members, Megadeth started recording their new album. And the result: on 14 September 2004, Megadeth’s new album will be launched under the brand of manufacturer Santuary:

The 9th album marked Megadeth’s comeback with a strange new medium style, has just splashed the old mark. But the reviews to both The System Has Failed is that it still can’t escape the shadow of the name age Megadeth. We no longer find the rage guitar riff as in phase Rust In Peace, the solo Strip full of color and tone in Youthanasia, powerful drumming fishes in Cryptic Writing … obviously, the return of Megadeth is not yet deeply impressed.

The first song to the Blackmail The Universe. That indeed is the frustrations of the fans. No longer is Megadeth boom right from the first moments in each of the albums, with The System has Failed, the thing that the listener is first noticed a solo guitar piece, padded, few sporadic bass. But Dave Mustaine sing, till I wonder: Megadeth is here? Looks like Dave Mustaine decided to abandon the persistent voice, his familiar fussy dandy rodents to rather more vocal than, higher than the tone.But you seem to have failed in this new style.
The second song, Die Dead Enough. A more familiar with Megadeth who hear compared to Blackmail The Universe. Speed up dizzy from the start, with a solo guitar piece exclusive of Chris Poland.However, as to the intro, then everything back as old: slow, azaleas, boring … Not the slow, cumbersome but meaningful as in Dawn In Patrol (album Rust In Peace) which is the exhausted about the idea of Dave Mustaine after its golden period.
But immediately after that, all doubt about Megadeth’s was dismissed when the witness best song album: KICK THE CHAIR. It is also the song was Megadeth’s first demo recording. With the working title of “tough”, seems to Kick the Chair will not cause the external impression with fans. However, once enjoyed, the listener completely never found it inferior to the hits of Megadeth as Holy Wars, the Blood of Heroes, Use the man, Peace Sells … The guitar in this song seems a bit like in the article Take no Prisoner. Chris Poland and Dave Mustaine made everyone forget about the inferior of the two songs, Jimmy Sloas himself poor short solo passages with Ellefson before the end of the song. And the most attractive is still the voice of Dave. Throw away the bad singing style must be made above, Dave performed his talent back to the day, singing rodents nhẳng. Just a song on both great as Kick the Chair, The System has Failed totally deserve a great comeback, marking a new era in the music of Megadeth, though the track before and after there are more failures.
The Scorpions, the last song in demo 4 song album The System has Failed is Megadeth launched before a full-length release. The opening guitar and almost throughout, listening closely to Wake Up Dead (album Peace Sell. But who’s Buying). But the thing that The Scorpion do is not stamped with the listener as Wake up Dead did 18 years ago (1986) that it makes people remember about Marty Friedman. Nonetheless, Christ Poland is still not comparable with Marty about the persistent solo strings, to specification in the Hangar 18 people sick, the Tornado of Soul, Sweeting Buttles, Mastermind, the She-Wolf. …

Seven of songs left in The System has Failed is still being Megadeth care more about ideas, tone …. What Megadeth obtained through a demo review of can be considered the first step to success. The members have the solidarity together, the schedule is done evenly, consistency, and more everything is still ahead. Never start trouble, but also difficult not to stop that is to pass.

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