The Malay’s Journey – Part 1: Mekala “the sleepy city”

Sometimes in life, we have the process repeated, that don’t understand why I have to go back on the old way.

When I packed my luggage for leaving Vietnam, I don’t know if I’ll go the answer one way ticket to Singapore, nowhere for backpackers. Maybe because it’s the country I first put his foot steps out in the world, is the country that I’ve ever dreamed of touching from the students, and then go right when the area of copy enough 100 USD to buy a round-trip ticket.

I started the journey from Singapore, but doesn’t wallow in glorious places in the city centre, which is very far away, out near the border with Malaysia, where the sanctuary is to walk the path of pristine forest with leaving feet because walking more than 40 km. Companion none other is wild monkeys.

Of all the things happening in Singapore has made me think, maybe I will go by road to Malaysia, in their biggest lunar new year day. I used reservations before Friday named Islamic religion, so why not once return to the country that has ever gone a lot, and consider it as a transit point of boring?Fireworks lit up the night up in the Indian zone is last night I reserved for multiethnic Singapore.

A friend of Indian descent was very tight and I fist proposed are hugged me on the day I set foot into the modern land Baru where border of Singapore and Malaysia.

Take long car trip I left Laskin bus, more than anyone, I look forward to putting away real fast, from the modern-Baru, from the boos, touted the new hand of the strange man.

“The Sleepy City”


I came to Melaka on a late afternoon, small city after the rain looked poor to Vancouver stay tuned.All that cheese, the xập music in Melaka swamp of the car passenger set blue flower-filled can not hide sadness was apparently of a municipality are being deserted River chemistry.

I still remember reading a certain book says about the Strait of Melaka, just the name only well enough to do awesome cloud of trade ships each visit by pirate. The thriving urban performance, crowded chaos suddenly become a peaceful, romantic weekend tourists. Someone praising Melaka is the Venice of the East. I looked down the River, seemingly the point chisel are buckling themselves up for the ships carrying tourists to surf on, suddenly found sad. Or because the place was for the sad like always to Venice?

Time has tinted on the monuments in Melaka, Malaysia’s oldest city. Time also brought to cover the transformation of ups and downs for the piece of land attached to the mausoleum, tattoos. On the banks of the River, the city is divided into two East-West Coast, that when going through it, you are not observant will never know where is the mark of the Netherlands, of Portugal, by the British.

War and looting incidents makes people gradually left the capital. The Indian descent living in a secluded neighborhood across the River on the other, while the Chinese cling to the old city back to living, serving tourists. St. Pauls, A’Famosa left piles of ruins, the ruins. Maybe the Red Church is the most intact structures, the largest in Melaka that anyone visiting the legs must also keep a photo.

Not just the city of Melaka I call sleep. To stay here, to go all the way along the alley in the old town new horizontal understand why I call this place like that. By this very near the capital Kuala Lumpur, tourists of the day usually comes from 2 pm and leave at 5 pm rush to catch the last bus.

The famous restaurant selling chicken rice tea, sendo … well not until 2 pm started cleaning up stores, opening the door. Those who stay longer is usually a population of backpackers, the couple loved the quiet, they sit in apathy over cups of coffee, waiting for night.

I thought that this place was very busy back, when recognized as world cultural heritage in 2008 but then it becomes tedious as now when the traders left because no business interest. A municipality may not rich if it slept like Melaka? A municipality can have fun not if laughter said only busy half when afternoon came and all in silence, as the River are silently out to sea? Melaka only fun when last week, and then every second to, afraid to sleep status back as old. The kiosk closed deep the deserted house Moss, who shoes left outside. There are too many things left in this place, though in the past was very far away.

Vietnam workers to Malaysia was very much, in many forms. They do rent out these workshops, cafes, bakery … all over the country to Islam. I easily with a few fellow in his journey. The life of people hard, they squeeze their labour power to earn money to send back home to feed his family.

One of them told me: “we go overseas, then we fucking, and then the gauge, live, go where fear also hit my chui arrested”. When I enter Malaysia, customs is not easy for a young girl traveling alone like me. After 15 minutes of distorted upside-down, see all the papers related to the trip that I present, they give me the new entry.

Theft victims always raging Melaka, holiday home in front of me in the picture, the thief was warning stickers for travelers know. On the old walls also have similar pictures. Whether people have painted, adorn this brilliant how much capital, then the stain patchy also never hid.
The journey along the Straits of Melaka-States 1: City ‘ sleep ‘-Photo 7 in Melaka, doves outnumber people

The colors in the picture that I record something u sad, like the people trying to make fun music xập swamp in Melaka from passenger cars across the city. And between the buried quietly, somewhere in the hundreds of pigeons flock to stand thẫn Church, in the peace of Melaka.

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