The Hateful Eight (2015) – The “party” of horror of Quentin Tarantino

I have to say about this movie at this time? Well, I will give an interesting figure: 10 – that’s the number of times that I’ve seen since this film was released in December 2015. Really that I’m impressived and fully agree with the way of the delivery of Quentin Tarantino for the contents of the essence “the human”, the boundary between “good” and “evil”. Above all it is a reflection of the right way of justice and law in a troubled period of a new young nation was established and agreed upon through a prolonged civil war. Reflection of justice under an angle of “naked”, deadly, uncompromising whether you are anyone – “good” or “bad” guy in the eyes of a group, any individual, when you stand before justice is what you did when you were paying the price for “justice” to enlighten you.

It seems I was very abundant in analyzing his feelings until now. But this film could be called classic on the subject of the arrangement and character abate over time. The characters are not many, and only a few characters in this film have the character to stand out from the rest.

The film is set in the American West in the Post-Civil War, a group of bounty hunters, criminals steal, and kill, mysterious cowboy and justice and snow storm at a point between the mountain base vast hills. It is worth mentioning, all of them are brought in his hatred, anger with crazy behavior because of hatred and personal purposes.

The script of the film is considered more scenarios of Quentin dialogue after Reservoir Dogs, the two works are similar structures that are divided by the corresponding small program with a storyline developments. Obviously Quentin really likes the story line and characters of the hateful eight, he devoted the first 30 minutes of the film to introduce the main character groups: Bounty hunter John Ruth infamous “The hangman” and the new catch his prey is dangerous female robber Daisy Domergue, the two horses who hitchhiking is Major John Ruth _cung Marquis Warren is famous bounty hunter and a new police chief of the town’s Chris Mannix .

Judicial construction of Quentin familiar characters are the characters to speak for each other, by the way, the director can skillfully integrate its own ideas through symbolic figures show.

When a group of 4 central character to storm base, is a small inn located between the hills of acres of snow, they found a group of strangers including an elderly retired General, a man who seems calendar purportedly shows people hanged on duty at the court, a mysterious cowboy and an employee said he looks at his inn households mistress away.

This film has “locked up” the viewer into a tight enclosed space, venue of consecutive performances of the conversation and killing. The only other thing, the dialogue in the hateful eight bitter, bitter and much more extreme. With mixed views of the character, Quentin made more profound philosophical nature Civil War, capitalism and the flag of the United States justice. Along with Django Unchained, film exposing the flaws of history with victims of racism and the injustice of the slave class.

It was because he wanted to push up the ugly in human judgment, Quentin has eliminated the entertainment factor out how to build character, the hateful eight without a righteous hero, no one chivalrous hand any crime. The moral philosophy or personality or capital also be spread in previous works also completely absent in this new film. The hateful eight evening just a bloody madness of those scum, lies, inhumane to distinguish extremist ideology. As soon as you think there is a certain character can be a hero, he will behave like a monster, even when you think someone is being felt in the heart of the action, he will immediately heinous violence with other people. The characters seem to just want to scream erupted a fury of flames burning furiously flutter. Apparently Quentin had no intention of joking in the hateful eight.

In case you are not interested in history or political views, you will be attracted to the film by a coherent, dramatic developments curious and especially the turning point sudden unforeseeable duoc_mot “specialty” of Quentin famous. That is not to mention the superb acting of the cast, especially the role of Major Marquis Warren Samuel L. Jackson and female criminals Jennifer Jason Leigh Daisy’s Domergue. These are two characters are more complex shift in the psychological one, and we can say, is the craziest among protagonists. The audience of the film has the ability Leigh conjecture would be nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for this outstanding role. In return, the film’s weakness lies in a new name which is familiar territory for Quentin film stars Channing Tatum charm. Actor with inexperienced expression than when placed next to the cast of you, whether in full makeup meticulously but Tatum was not exuding charisma and atmosphere of a “fiend” Quentin as the other characters .

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