“The Duke of Burgundy” (2015) – “Love is the color of sunshine”

Love has many forms. There are full of passionate love and lust as two girls in Blue is the warmest color, has the full protection love and defend like in the film Carol, also has love as the two women in the film The Duke of Burgundy, the love of acceptance and willing to sacrifice for someone you love.

Opens with a poetic and romantic, a woman (Evelyn) cycling on the beautiful countryside. Fresh faces and happy, innocent and gentle. She came to help work for a wealthy lady Cynthia, it seems the same. Opens with the reprimand she arrived late, then row the situation reveals a discerning hostess, and channel style. The girl, who go on to follow, accept taunts as if that is what often happens, is what she had heard every day in the daily work. Until, one new truth would break.

They are played, they are held in the homes of their affair. They are people of the same sex. They love each other in a strange format, as Evelyn prefer violence, she should suffer violence, being insulted to achieve orgasm. Cynthia accept that, she played a cruel mistress to her lover dissatisfaction.

Just so, the film directed by Peter Strickland with flair in which he wrote the script, did take us into a closed room of love, where two lovers, they love, and they try to take each other for the love that elevates and always be balanced like?

The film is a cinematic work of art rich, stunning images nuances of a particular country outside mankind, where the women live in their world, a kind of peace filled diá»…m the provincial. There, two women in love, with the details to be described in an indirect way, and slowly close, like a but showing the endless passion that love brings. Since then, a slowly, slowly push directed story climax to the way we understand the love of every woman, making them, Evelyn and Cynthia suddenly get along perfectly. Because there, among them, is the acceptance and understanding each other. To a person willing to give way before the other, as in a dance, making them into a beautiful dancing couple strange shapes, as if this world, only they together only.

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