Silver Linings Playbook (2012) – Life does not stop rising

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) is adapted by Matthew Quick’s novel of the same name, received eight nominations, including best film, Director and for best screenplay, Jennifer Lawrrence won in the category of best actress. The Silver Linings Playbook truly worthy of the prize. The film is a casual, everyday life of many people, each person carries personality, attitude and angle of view for each social relationships in his life. The story of the Silver Linings Playbook, with the ups and downs in life, angry, mellow and at there at lonely soul, deep thủi alone in the corner and could only cry because my life is not like I want to.

Pattrick, a former teacher who brought the Court to treat mental illness by being bipolar disease emotion (simmering too or too quiet, too angry or passive), during 8 months of treatment just to yearn to see her lover Nikki, Pat was trying to lose weight, learn how to balance emotions and always want to better themselves in the eyes of Nikki , whether Pat’s past violence in the name of her mistress. And Pat meet Tiffany, lively girl, smart and also unhappy in marriage life. Two hearts come together, same refuge and leads to a beautiful love. An adapted screenplay with beautiful finish, something that anyone watching the emotional film, comedies.

But in Silver Linings Playbooks, perhaps not merely lucky met mate, which it is both a process of constantly rise, positive thinking in your life. The film was almost peeling spelling out what the novel like to mention, which is the infinite love of the parents, that’s what meant by owners, that is the sincere help and that is love.

Bradly Cooper made her surprised you splendid performance in the film, escape from the shadow of crap guy in Hangover, when reincarnations on Pattrick guy role. Angry at hitting everything just because can’t find the tape of his wedding, or call the parents up at midnight just wanted to tell about the feel of a book that he found bland, took place at right back to the deepest, the paddy tear about Nikki go, forget about the past and the hold of the emotional stuff in the morning. But in the end seems a bit frail, Bradly in not acting you are beautiful, when not completely shows an end to the past is already Pattrick, a Pat nature but still filled the romance, which only saw a masculine Bradly.Pattrick characters suffer nerve diseases (such as doctors), but you can’t stop living optimism, positive living and talking straight what you think. Right! Must always try to pretend when life got too extreme and suffering? Can people think Pattrick nervous, but with Tiffany, which as a love lightning to her. The character Tiffany was a smart girl, personality and seemed strong in appearance, but it also is just a widow when she was still too young, also the first error. She tried to give her a reason to rise up in life and also looking for a reason to help Pattrick through his past haunts. If life that wears up his back the burden of the past dark, people can live well and quietly serene for the future? Rise in life also means jettisoning the extremes of coast to ease the journey goes to the future, to see around him are also good people, friends and family is always the side stepping.

Near the end of the movie, the climax makes unforgettable viewers with outlandish dancing exam of Pattrick and Tiffany, though has the lowest number of points but they are still happy to deliver victory to his father, Pattrick and also the giving of love to both. Love is something you do for yourself as much as you do for someone you love. Tiffany did for everything, “tactics” to suppress his feelings, “tactics” for example Pattrick with “lie because good things” and conversely Pattrick feel sincere love from Tiffany, she was in the uk to encourage parties always help. Life will always be the suffering to people in a way not possible even more unexpectedly, it is the objective laws that no one endured, always striving, not stop the rise in life, always appreciate the love, the closest relationship besides themselves, because they are the ones who love you and care for. One love, a good friendship will never make you “sink”.

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