Secret of the Heart (Kahlil Gibran) – The look of sympathy on beliefs

“I’m searching for the loneliness” because in it there is life for the spirit, the soul and for the body. I find the endless fields, place the light of the Sun, where the flower auras into the space and the place where the streams singing on the way out to the sea. I explore the mountains, in which I found the wake of spring freshness, longing for summer’s colorful, the ample song of autumn, and winter’s gorgeous mission. I go to remote corners hidden in this land of God because I’m hungry to learn to know the mysteries of the universe and the throne of God. “

Kahlil Gibran’s words had set up the mouth of the hidden character of the storm, the story of the 23 pieces made in his book mystery of this heart. In life, people falling into adversity. One, it is a social creature, could not survive if only rely on yourself. Over the other, it is just as true when there are moments of loneliness to deep look back at ourselves and enjoy the experience of his life. Lonely in this case not doused the sorrow-filled quẽ quạnh Rana that is abundant, a State essential to clearly see the secret hidden in themselves, to themselves and to the area of intake manifold.

Mystery heart with heavy thread on spirituality part two context. One is the Lebanon (Lebanon) in the early 20th century, as a piece of land in Syria, under the control of the Ottoman Empire of Turkey, domestic violence. The Maronite Christian Church, despite joining Roman Catholics and while the minority between a Muslim and Druze leaders Ocean, still constitute the majority of the people like Lebanon, especially in the North, there exists a way of pretending things, compromise. In the primitive condition of the population and to stabilize the colony, foreign Governments sought verses with religious officials and the party become double type of political tools serving for the privileged of some people. The context of her deepening sense of the secular and the supernatural prayer of the main character in Giuhanna Man crazy.

The second context is the United States as a country providing the basic liberties for immigrants. On that land, Gibran thought about his hometown of Lebanon are living in the end, poverty and war.With sentiments boiling one’s Patriot and tub full generosity, he expressed earnest hometown love to almost yelled at the same time, his nation mine laments about the inability of expatriates.

The last part of this anthology have two very good products. One is the processions are we mentioned how in his own destiny poet and processions, but this time, the school’s exam is arranged according to be prose, taking “new form”. Iram, Chengdu two towering columns. This is the outstanding plays in the 1920s by Gibran, talk about a city location idea that each person can only find it when doing the practitioners alone, go into my heart to detect it in a rich spirituality and spiritual harmony to his religion.

The pieces of the mystery heart Gibran written in Arabic Language book many years ago (The Prophet-Prophet) but they show the mysterious Oriental focal point in the author’s language, the Embassy move. We notice a Gibran will become immortal with the rich spirituality, the mind active and transparent market, described by an extremely attractive style.

With the self, our personality shows the range of objective and universal knowledge of Gibran, his conviction about the value of beauty, truth, love and God’s constant. He warned that if every person who does not live with the xiển Ocean efforts inside yourself, or sacred as he said was divine, the human species will sa fade into the shadows of a lack of human civilization, to equate the agent with the victim and confusion between values, etc.

About the religious aspect, the spiritual statements of Gibran reveal what see Datong about beliefs, passionate hearts, resolved to devote to probe and interrogation to where to nowhere, until shatter the ego outside and inner fork appears. And devout liturgy is life where the temple placed between his soul, his body itself.

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