[ MOVIE ] Room (2015) – Tragedy from a child’s perspective

This is an independent film with a low budget, it is content that includes Jack and his mother were detained by a perverted man for 7 years. Journey to their freedom completely not simple. In 2008, the whole world rocked by Elisabeth Fritzl case in the town of Amstetten, Austria. After 24 years, 42-year-old woman finally found freedom, escape from the illegal detention under the cellar of Josef Fritzl is the biological father.
During that dark period, Elisabeth repeatedly Josef assault, sexual abuse and rape. Consequently, seven children were born from an incestuous relationship was disgusting. Elisabeth has four children with her in prison, one of them died just three days after birth. The remaining three children, more than a little luck, to be brought up in the house and Josef adopted since he was tiny. We did not know the truth of horrors, his wife lied Josef also that this is the capital of abandoned children from the womb.
That story became the inspiration for writer Emma Donoghue wrote the novel Room, first published in 2010 and shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize shortened prestigious Prize that year. Entering 2015, the literature was directed by Lenny Abrahamson brought up the silver screen, with the script by writer Donoghue construction.
Tragic childhood perspective

Like the original, the film is told from the perspective Room of 5-year-old boy named Jack (Jacob Tremblay). “Hi trees. Hi sink. Hi chair. Hi table for me … “, which is the familiar greeting from Jack every morning he wakes up. Jack’s world just wrapped up in the room less than 10 m2 large without windows, where he was imprisoned along Ma – mother (Brie Larson) by “old” Nick (Sean Bridges).
Ma has been “old” Nick imprisoned 7 years, and Jack is the result of rape screen when night falls. Every night, just before Nick appeared, Jack again into the closet, try headphones by strange noises emanating from the mother’s bed.
Mother explains to Jack that the whole world is that room, even outside the tiny skylight above the vast universe. Only three residents of the Earth exists, is Ma, Jack and “old” Nick. Crowd also appeared on the TV blurred, when expressed as “fantasy creatures”.
But the hyperactive and curiosity of a 5-year-old boy started making Jack poses tough questions than for Ma. “Old” Nick is an intolerable day and become dangerous, especially after being fired. Feared killed, Ma set up bold plans to help his son escape, demand for help of those around them. Success story or not depends very much on the reaction of 5-year-old boy in the first “step outside space.”
In the first half of the film, the audience is acquainted with Ma and Jack, as well as low glimpsed the man was detained and his mother in the tiny room. Ma has 7 years there, sometimes back angrily to unpleasant curiosity of Jack, or the somewhat outrageous demands of the boys in that world. Highway crisp character fatigue, even resignation, before the sad situation.
But also just caught a glimpse of the baby smile, or watching Jack naughty boy for a moment, Ma re-invigorated as to be able to try to extend the series on “hell on earth”. In other words, Jack is now the only reason of Ma life, because without him, she absolutely would have committed suicide long ago.
Jack Ma just thinking about forgetting the self, as when she had a toothache and tooth loss have until actually realized. There is, tooth becomes memorabilia that 5-year-old boy always carries. At first glance, Jack looks no different a normal child, except the long hair which he refused to cut short due to the power source that is transforming itself into superheroes.
This shows that efforts in trying to help Ma Jack grew up in tight spaces, lack of stars. The audience can feel scared and angry every “old” Nick appeared, but that maternal love for Jack Ma is the most wonderful thing that brings the first half of the Room.
Bold decision by director Lenny Abrahamson

Is the plan to help Jack escape out of Ma have smooth sailing? The trailer of the brave Room has revealed successful results. But not so that viewers feel lost when Jack first “step out into space”, see things around with eyes filled with curiosity, surprised. His eyes also, only recently when Ma was angry mother trying to deny all her lies ever, to help prepare for their children when the boy out.
Main bold decision by director Lenny Abrahamson, when he revealed the results of plans to flee from before viewers track Room, helped work becomes more memorable. By the second half, the film poses questions that Jack and Ma have been free, but their spirit whether you really feel free or not, after a long day in captivity chain bondage and violence as card?
Important lines from a psychiatrist, “Jack is a plastic” (Jack still malleable), like words fully summarize what happens next. Ma and Jack are back to the family. 5-year-old boy has little difficulty and initially hesitated, but the innocence and curiosity of children helping Jack quickly became intimate with her grandmother (Joan Allen) and her new husband her friendly (Tom McCamus ).
On the opposite side, the original Ma clearly happy to be back with my family. But the psychological aftershocks, feeling regret over causing her young daughter a lot more difficult to return to the old life than boys. Ma continuous unprovoked angry with his mother and stepfather, Jack even neglect. But it became an opportunity to son Jack to show affection to his mother, helped her “escape” from the horrific memories, create perfect circles for emotional relationship between two characters.
Thus, Room not only recounts the tragedy that Jack and Ma have to undergo. Apart from motherhood theme throughout, the work also helps the viewer raises questions about the purpose of life, and makes people feel surprised about the strength comes from curiosity and was very idyllic innocence of still young.
Two emotional acting performances

To Room can touch the hearts of the audience, Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay child actors stand together two incarnation of Ma and Jack’s mother. Ma is a challenging role and the beautiful 26-year-old has shown the appropriate expressive, convincing throughout the film, enough to help her become a heavyweight candidate for the film awards 2015- 2016.
And boy born in 2006, then brought to the natural necessity for Jack. It is hard for those who view Room can forget Tremblay Jacob’s eyes when he first character to escape the room, or in the first morning waking up without being detained. Room certainly hinges work, help the boy can now go further in the future, if appropriate the mentoring hand.
Also not to be missed as Nancy Joan Allen – the mother of Ma, who appeared with very little amount of time, but noted strong enough to viewers. This fact is a complex roles. The pain of losing children – things that she had to go one step further, ended after seven years. But Nancy must face the tragic truth behind his daughter, and nephew Jack soon help to integrate into normal life.
An extraordinary story, the subtlety of Lenny Abrahamson director, great acting by Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay and Joan Allen … There are many reasons to help Room received the audience vote at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, the first step of the work in the film awards season this year. This can be considered a tribute to the victims as Elisabeth Fritzl, also praised the vitality of the people, the power of maternal love and innocence.
Film received three Golden Globe nominations in 2016, at the excellent Film category – Genre Drama, Actress excellent (Brie Larson for) and excellent script (to Emma Donoghue).

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