Mars and venus – Starting over (John Gray)

A love endure forever is something that we also aspire. But if for any reason that emotional relationship not continue anymore, then you will have to face a new era with a lot of physical disturbance.

The loss, broke in love can instantly transform our life. Although what to do from the beginning, but the suddenly facing the emptiness on the upcoming journey makes it not out of nervousness. I noticed I just lost the most familiar things, sacred, just before future embarrassing not to know. How does the mind in question when the heart filled with suffering.

Please spend some time with this book and realize you need to do to better life. What enthusiasm in his book men of Mars, Lady Venus-John Gray love found again written out after twenty eight years of accumulated experience to advise many people heal the wounds if love breakdown or bereavement.Although there is a different situation, but each has a common is unhappiness in love.

The solutions mentioned in the book each bring good results for many people, including the author himself. The experiences in life help you do better work in consulting, teaching, and more importantly-help John became a husband, a good father in the eyes of the children. The end of the journey beyond escape the pain, he realized that a lot of special gift for those who know the start and looking for true love.

Like to create a new life forced the labor pain, faced with loss, misfortune in life is extremely challenging to find happiness at the end of the road. Pass through this process, we will accumulate the precious life capital for a new life. After a few initial adjustments, everything will be easier, we will soon look back and see that all the pain he is only a memory.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part: Mars and Venus-Do from the beginning, mentioned the basic steps in the process of healing for both sexes. Part two titled: Venus-start comes to the difficulties women encounter in the process of rebuilding a relationship. The last part is the Mars-anew, presenting the challenges men commonly face.

Though the process to heal the wounds of our hearts is the same, but each one again encountering the challenges of its own. This requires each person needs to have insight about his situation, from which the best method option for yourself. Believe that you are never alone, because my life how people fall into the situation as we know it but they’ve overcome. They were living to continue loving.And we would also like!

Men of Mars, Venus woman-found love is the book written by the enthusiasm of a distress heart always want to bring to the wondrous for each relationship, as well as a gift the author wants to send to his life. Expect that it will be useful in the time you have to cope with the hard work of the heart.

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