How to plant the Rhododendron

Rhododendron, also known as Camellia flower or pink Camellia is one of the types of flowers are my favorite in many parts of the world by the tender beauty of it. Planting flowers not difficult, just flowers growers a little attention to the techniques of planting and care, these potted flowers will bloom not just beautiful in the new year but also after the new year.

Select the same planting flowers

On the market today used extensively just like flowers. This is just like a small tree rhododendron, false flowers, flowers to tree diversity, also for both colors. The planting method may be sowing, grafting or extraction. Cuttings and extracts method possible for faster production method of sowing seeds.

Planting soil

Planting flowers in Belgium is the land planted in soil if the sour alkalinity can kill the tree. Planting flowers must make sure enough of the following factors: Soil porous drainage, ventilation, wind, lots of humus, enough fertilizer. The pH ranges from 4-5 is the best fit. To the best Earth coordinates for rhododendrons, you should mix the soil with humus of leaves they pine, conifer category.


Choosing potted plants with balanced, much water will land big pots. The pots have holes in the bottom to, mouth wide to evaporate and drain fast. Based on the form of the body and spreads to decide planting pots. Rhododendron species grow shallow so should choose shallow pots is better than high pots. When grown in pots, use the pots have holes in the bottom, use a mesh lining the bottom of the pot then used those bricks and gravel-lined up on thick, about 2-3 cm.

Pour on the 1/2-2/3 pots, attention to the roots of freedom and then put more land into your hand and lightly compressed. Repot when see the roots of fruit trees out to the perineum, then repot, combine is replace the land was prepared as the planting soil.


Rhododendrons have very strong roots, so it is very afraid and not be attenuated. If the limit or correct too are made of trees grow, grow less, gold leaf, pendulous flowers. Therefore, based on weather conditions to have irrigation mode accordingly. Best watering time is in the morning or early afternoon. In the period of growth, trees, flower buds out need more watering. In the days of the dry fountain much needed Arun around the leaves, flowers, pods and ground to increase the humidity.

Irrigation guidelines, after planting and caring for trees up buds, new dolls not pots dry soils are not irrigated, watering just enough moisture. Every 10-15 days watering once again vinegar 10% dilution, if not then use rice water to wash the sour bean juice, diluted that irrigated. 5-10 days watering once diluted Hippo prize. Combine once a month diluted iron sulphate irrigation 0.5-1%, the tree will not get sick of gold leaf. No iron sulfate use rusty iron soaked diluted watered also.

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