How to plant Muscari from its seed

Muscari flowers as a symbol of spring, flowers began to grow in January, and then bloom and for the most beautiful flowers in late April, the flowers lasting for several weeks, the United States became larger and more beautiful every year. It is endemic to humid climate in your favorite flowers, sunshine or light shade.

Grape hyacinth is also known as Muscari is a genus of perennial they thrive in Eurasia, the States originating from the Mediterranean, Central and southern Europe, North Africa, the Western, Central and Southwestern Asia, the United States is also known as the lily flower, Sedum. Green Bell Flower (also known as Grape hyacinth flowers) is also a beautiful symbol of spring. This flower is folded on Top of the world’s most beautiful flowers.

Your favorite green Bell flowers moist climates, shade and stability. The United States began to grow in January, and then bloom and for the most beautiful flowers on the last week of April. Bloom period will last from 1-2 weeks.

You can control are the flowering time of Muscaria. To do this, it should have a little tip. First of all, you have to convince them that spring has come after a long hibernation, cold. First, you must put them in a dark and cool place to simulate the winter season. Where simple and ideal for cooler compartment is on the bottom of the fridge for 8 weeks. Then the new “release” them out of light and warm environment.

Planting flower bulbs from the same Muscari


Glass jar tall designs, larger diameter bulbs a bit.
Sugar beet seed
1 cup small gravel
Organic soils
MOSS Green
small spoon
1 plastic bag in black

Step 1: use a small spoon to add 4-5 cm of gravel down on the bottom of each tube to the drain.
Step 2: Add 1 spoon full of organic soils and then coated with moss green above.
Step 3: moisten the Moss with 2-3 spoons of water. The amount of water more or less depending on the size of the vase. Water use is to provide moisture to the soil and Moss, the moisture will stimulate the roots grow down below to get water.
Step 4: place the tubers of varieties on each glass pipe, to turn down the part and sprouts up.
Step 5: airtight plastic bag black by all and for the cool pane on the bottom of the refrigerator. Note do not open during the 8 weeks.
Step 6: after 8 weeks, taking the entire sugar beet seed out. At this time, you will see the small green buds start rises from the top of the tuber varieties.
Step 7: provide 1-2 spoons of clean water for each tuber about 2-3 days, mainly to keep the moisture for the soil and MOSS that still does not make them were attenuated in water.
About 1 week after exposure to light and warm environment, flower buds can height 15 cm. Flower buds from the spleen up between these instruments. After about 3 weeks to complete development tree.

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