“Fall in Love on that Summer” – Love has begin from a picture

A mysterious painting, a sheet of wind curtain the colour plate books, unfinished in a single room, which is the first impression that “similarities summer year” bring to readers. The idea here would be a sad book about a love affair si suffering would know, but don’t, can for “equivalent summer year” as the cup lemon juice bars cool in the summer.

People love each other, there are hundreds and hundreds of roads. Nguyen Van Phong Do love also, only through a painting. Among the hundreds of files, just soak up the single-color painting River South, just as the vast sea, she vows only Parking option. Not know accidentally or deliberately that the author to name the two main characters into Life. And in love she is and he is the wind.

Nguyen Van as a cloud of pink, in the morning and more daydreaming. But in this architecture student she has points to love. That’s not artificially frankness, the nature does not regret and even enthusiasm in pursuing his love with forums you lock on. Therefore, the image she wears green dresses pink, filled up the door peeking class you want, has never go straight into the parking lot.
Him as a violent wind, but the wind was not even attached the Bush joke funny or beautiful butterflies. On the contrary, this is a cold wind. He mesmerized in pursuit of the ideal, the drawings and the works, leave behind a lot of girls delusion. However, since the meet Nguyen Van, the wind has stopped.
If Nguyen Van originally is because the painting, because hospitality new term approaching and love you. Then, in the parking lot with the sentiments he always seriously. Hard scene trained to Do the style, strong personality. Already have at want to abandon because could not bring to life as United as the dream for her, but he did not give the Palm to let go.

Maybe sometimes the reader will feel a little resentful rather Do style, because he was always in favour of fast, die for Nguyen Van. She did not know the work you will do, she doesn’t, he will teach you about home, England, to the train station from the previous evening to wait, she is too jealous unjustly with his first love, he patiently explained. Because of her, he is even willing to help his employees bullet. Until effort is getting into a good company, it does not want to leave, he chose to give up, and then, as she pursued her dream, he vows Italy stayed waiting two years to study. One reason is that Maple Park, a park on Maple cold indifference, but when love becomes warm again so public, making people not from that little pain but also secretly admire.

If you expect a love story in private hands, or ends, love life before life then maybe “equivalent summer year” is not for you. Because, between the Nguyen Van and Do the unprecedented third-person Style, also has no enmity ends, but the sweet and it was a vivid picture of the architecture student life, do we experience behind the stroke is both a training process, behind the fist stout was once the divide to li. They together forever.

We also have a summer, just as there are people to stay inside, somebody used the word manifest.Maybe that’s why “summer year equivalent” are also located just behind the notes page book, as a gift for readers. Closed the last chapter, hope you also start to put pen to write few lines about the summer of her own.

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