“Creed” (2015) Movie – A truly man in the glory

In the American movies which were¬†launched on the occasion last year to the Academy Awards to the Creed is a name worth watching for. Though Director Ryan Coogler didn’t like Quentin Tarantino, or Inarritu. But he scored his mark first impression of Fruitvale Station in 2013.

Creed is the story of the legacy movie chain about boxing legend Rocky Balboa, the fictional first debuts in 1976 in the film Rocky. After four decades of upper calyx, with quite a lot of episodes in a row together, Rocky has, on the other side of the peak of his career, he opened the restaurant, live alone, from the lights flash and the glory was buried about the past.

A look back at the journey of many of the episodes have had on Rocky Balboa, especially in the first episode, boxing is described not only in the aspect of high fixed bout, but also behind it was bitter and hard, daily life, the attempt to pass yourself in at the most collapse. Therefore, that boxing’s series about Rocky strange jewels, in which the computer man was pushed up in the highest levels of anger and tenderness, the emotion on the floor fight for the opponent and the sincere love for the wife, mistress. Try looking at the Rocky of 1976, a delirious man, being ironic laugh loud, I don’t know anything outside of boxing, until one day you know love, a love affair extremely beautiful, I always believe that is one of the most beautiful love of cinema.

Creed inherited a legacy as such, legacy from the “wild horse Italian” guy. In the Creed we just saw the front way to fit the modern world, as a very old man of a generation ago, an interesting transition, balance between young and old generations, between past glory and present glory. In the Creed is not the strong breeze by the win, but the struggle of one individual to want to escape the shadow of her father in the past, to building his career of Adonis’s Creed, a son of the legendary Boxer Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa, with many times the castle terrace. As sandhya charm-filled opponents with his debt, Rocky got training for Creed, who has always been obsessed about the glory of the father, and the inferiority of his own success.

And there, as well as the struggle of the Rocky are carried in her illness to win the fate, as well as to fire for the young generation to understand more about the value of life, the fighting, and the spirit to overcome the limits of his own to win.

I highly encourage you should see Rocky 1976 directed by John g. Avildsen, to see a movie about boxing can be beautiful and tender.

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