Argo (2012) – The renaissance from a farce in the past

What is ARGO? It is an intelligence operation and rescue of CIA Intelligence Center, United States.ARGO is simply a fake film, made as truth to deceive Iran to rescue six hostages after the attack by the Iranian students in the United States Embassy. The film is based on the historical facts and the true figures, the United States Government declassified in 1997.

Advantages of the Argo’s films and is also a vivid documentary and true in the world of intelligence as well as describing the hostage crisis in Iran in the year 1979. Ben Affleck-the role of staff Tony Mendez, Director of the film-had the true angle of rotation about the context in which Iran: revolt of Iranian students, the Islamic component and the close cooperation of international organizations.Standing at the angle of the cinema, the film for viewers in 120 minutes live in fear and nervous of 1979, with the House style, costumes, hairstyles and talking of those ten members 80-90. If the stand is angle in the documentary, when the cold war with the Soviet Union and the United States pressed and the oil garden of Western allies such as Iran have turned on politics, the film depicts the true historical doesn’t have to follow capitalism or communism , which by the look of humane and democratic freedom, that is: save people when they need so much the help from others.

Ben Afflick gave a work does not stop at the historic nature of the intelligence the CIA but also the contemporary problems that the world is still experiencing every second every minute: the u.s. Embassy in Libya was killed, the international organizations and Governments to play a role as a Director that the film may be called : con-man-of-the-mainstream values, the rise of Islamic extremism.

ARGO can say is a work of excellence, to gratefulness to those who are silently do the intelligence to ensure the peaceful and stable development of the United States. When considered this movie, you will need a certain concentration to grasp clearly the character’s dialogue, because each character is a link in the chain of the story, the characters and the conflict between the fear and be freed from the hell of them.

But Argo remains filled blisters to the Hollywood model of the 1990s, when their campaign staff clap triumph, I didn’t like the old script, why no further into the Vortex Argo Tony Mendez, one of the 50 most influential people in the CIA all time heart of a child, distant, separated spouses and that affects how the campaign I think personal Argo, Tony Mendez as a hero, he can put the wife to save away from home halfway around the world while the campaign might use military or TG.

With regard to the issue of actors, I don’t think Alan Arkin was nominated for best supporting actor at the Academy Awards this year, when his land too little voice and also not too difficult. I don’t understand the Academy was based on what criteria. However, Oscar is always priority for contemporary feature films and events, the Argo will have the opportunity to reach many “Idol”.

I think Argo is an outstanding film of the year (if be then walks away the excess film last applause screen), but his personal views should not film won best film in two reasons:

First of all is not bring to me an outstanding sense of the value of the film brings out the diplomatic problems, politics and spirit of nationalism.

The second, It’s not yet carved deep illustrations on the battle of Argo is Tony Mendez.

If Argo in 1979 to save six foreign staff, the Argo in 2012 is the most vivid realization of Argo of 1979.

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