Alan Rickman – Remember of that voice…

The early days 2016 has not yet drifted away and then the world where unfortunately sad again when Alan Rickman, English actor, who has turned the fuselage extremely exceptional in character as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series, has gone at the age of 69, after a period of fighting cancer. He is a talented actor, a massive career includes film actors, stage and television. In his voluminous, have the role to life, making fans extremely cherished and unforgettable. Therefore, he’s brought to my lament, spectators from now will not be seen and heard the voice of his special deposits, a warm voice with sad eyes diamonds Conference.
We remember him for his role as Hans Gruber in Die Hard (1988) as the one who plays the villain of the film. With voice, sharp eyes, a smirk smile full of contempt, he got together with Bruce Willis make up the reputation for Die Hard. A memorable role, impressed Alan Rickman put into popular image for the role, villain as he has several times turned in the later films like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) ….
Face and his demeanor, the mystery behind the smile, and especially bass voice full of mystery that makes him always the dramatic about a man always containing a lot of unspeakable joy. Maybe so, so we can’t forget about the character he plays in Love Actually (2003), a married man but entangled in the ring to the other woman. So we see the portrait of a sad man, always fighting with yourself when inside the substance contains too many secrets. Along with Both Side Now is full of haunting Joni Mitchell, his stories are always the most memorable stories in the film Love Actually.
But perhaps, the most impressive, is the role of goddesses Professor Snape-half-blood Prince in the Harry Potter films. If the female writer J.K. Rowling should build a superb character, Alan Rickman character variables into a beautiful image of love, and sacrifice. As though, it was his character, was written to describe him, and he is the template for the writers to build character. Alan Rickman’s Snape, special and mysterious, very obnoxious, but just extremely miserable. Alan Rickman’s Snape is the very model of man love the world, si guys that are willing to die to protect the child of someone you love. A love is not selfish position, always full of tolerance. An ideal image to we always believe in true love. It was Professor Snape that it is Alan Rickman. Only a role as Snape, well enough to feel sorry we hurt Alan Rickman, the man has a special voice that Kate Winslet had uttered is full of grief: “And oh, the voice’s voice” (“And that voice! Oh, that voice “).
All of us are going to die, most of us will be forgotten after his death. But there are always people like Alan Rickman, as David Bowie, has devoted his life for a lot of good things, and as such, they come alive, a living immortal in the hearts of those who love beauty, love art and love this life.
Wishing you peace, Alan Rickman (21/2/1946-14/1/2016)

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