“A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” (Iranian Movie) – the power of love and the salvation

Iranian cinema is enjoying a strong resurgence in the past few years. The cinema of the Middle Eastern countries most lyrical, with subtle storytelling, simple, but bold colors less human. At the Busan Film Festival in October, the Iranian leader in the number of top 100 Asian or movies of all time. In the past, Iranian cinema to add their names to the flow of world cinema at work A Girl Who Walks Alone at Night of director Ana Lily Amirpour female was critically rated as one of the independent film excellence of 2015.

Vampires are a symbol of Western popular culture for centuries. It contains a metaphor for desire, loneliness of man, of youth. This topic is not new, it is difficult to exploit but never old to a certain director not dare challenge him. Ana Lily Amirpour – Iranian female director – was not afraid to choose this subject for his first film work and turn it into a film with bold impressionism. Work with the newly created scene hauntingly fear, has enchanted the audience with the loneliness as if it was the last place in the world, where people apart from the modern world outside.

Background The City movie is fictional Bad City – a place of sadness, scattering lifeless. A city considered the corpse during the daytime is something normal, just drag it and throw the corpse into a mass grave. The whole city feels weighed down by a mysterious silhouette night.

Actress Sheila VAND played a beautiful girl, scarf on the head, face expressionless and often deliberately imitate the actions of which she followed. She likes music. In the darkness, loneliness, emptiness, as aura music besieged city, people from which a portrait of the Iranian people appear sad and insipid as ever.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night impress with black and white tones, giving a look hauntingly. Girls in the movies sometimes use skis to glide on the sidewalk, feeling like a ghost. In the first husband towel, face makeup, girls like an evil angel. She followed the man, teasing and sucking their blood to die. But in spatial bewilderment and horror, the viewer realizes she just suck the blood of men who commit violence against women action.

This is a direct allusion to the way of life, “the man’s” society of Iran. Girl protect the status of women oppressed, warning him that she will follow up its act if it is not good for life.

Instead of letting the girl protagonist from the first appearance, the first female film director Amirpour open guy image Arash (Arash Marandi) with the romantic forms, working hard for more than 2000 days to buy cars but father entangled in addiction. Arash takes on a Western man masculinity and respect women. This has led vampire girl with special affection for him after a clash of humor, while Arash vampire dressed in a party. It is a subtle swaps – a form of truth in the normal and in the form of a fake disguise.

Female directors Amirpour built beginning emotional tie between them really special. Since then, she used beautiful visual effects, scenes of energetic medium, medium dark of Western culture to tell the audience a story rich weight of feminism but not forced or gimmicky .

With Islamic culture weighs on people, modern society of Iran is making his move to reclaim equality for women. The film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is like a voice in her strong contagious. Through the film, the viewer can recognize the influence of dense western culture through music and lifestyle. It seems that in the city of Bad City looked like the last place that the Earth, there is a groundswell circuit of rebellion that vampire girl is representative, then to finally break up, swept under the power of love and the salvation.

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