Streets “mountain” Pleiku came to my childhood through the words of my mother, and through the verses of Vu Huu Dinh: “I Pleiku pink cheeks red lips. Here winter evening all year round.” It has not once come to the mountain town of Pleiku, but in a sense I was very dear, close to the land and its people. Graduating’re happy to get a job in the mountain town of Pleiku, perhaps it was destiny! Fate brought me to the source, where I was born in the days of fighting the war of paralysis, so that after years of separation I was back with several burial plots. Coming to Pleiku I really was amazed at the beauty, the richness of the land and its people. Top Pleiku impossible not to Silk Nung Lake (also known as Lake Ia Nueng). Lake is a wonderful gift that nature has lovingly bestowed Mountain City residents. Someone like a girl for beautiful Pleiku diễm immigrant women paint the Great Lake’s eyes, is the soul of the girl Pleiku. Those eyes are blue, dreamily between basaltic land wind sunny. The lake has a very large area (over 230ha) should be called Sea Lake is formed from the mouth of the volcano negative activity millions of years ago through geologic upheavals and time.

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