Experience of Planting of Marigold

Currently, marigold flowers are growing in popularity. In addition to being used to decorate, to do the scene in the Tet holiday, the flower also has many uses such as chasing insects, livestock feed or make chicken egg yolk more than due to increased concentrations of β-carotene in food for hens. In addition to the […]

“Fall in Love on that Summer” – Love has begin from a picture

A mysterious painting, a sheet of wind curtain the colour plate books, unfinished in a single room, which is the first impression that “similarities summer year” bring to readers. The idea here would be a sad book about a love affair si suffering would know, but don’t, can for “equivalent summer year” as the cup […]

Secret of the Heart (Kahlil Gibran) – The look of sympathy on beliefs

“I’m searching for the loneliness” because in it there is life for the spirit, the soul and for the body. I find the endless fields, place the light of the Sun, where the flower auras into the space and the place where the streams singing on the way out to the sea. I explore the mountains, […]

Tonkin creeper – How to plant it

Tonkin creeper is a type of vine widely cultivated in rural Vietnam. However, if you apply the right way for plainting, Tonkin creeper is also can grow plants right here in the House in the heart of the city. Let’s find out just how to grow it to soon have a beautiful medium sized Tonkin creeper truss can […]

Apricot blossom and the manual guide for planting

Apricot blossom is wearing shades, spring brings traditional new year atmosphere of the people of Vietnam in General and the southern General. Apricot blossom compatible with a hot climate so much cultivated in the southern and southern-central, Western. So the time would we need random bits for Leopard to the tree bloom celebration right? Apricot blossom […]

Review of Ursa (2016) – Novembre

Novembre’s music has always been something special. They were adorned with Doom metal colored gentle touches of gothic romance, a little out of the way of progressive and sometimes a little cruel of melodic death. Waltz Classica two albums and their Novembrine a playlist of my major accounts. And almost 10 years after the most […]