“Youth” (2015) – Youth and old age through the story of the gentleman

Paolo Sorrentino’s a middle-aged guy like doing movies about old age. However, this is not any old age, not the small-town identity, marginalized lives, the loser – a character he colleague Alexander Payne favored. Paolo Sorrentino’s film about old age these gentlemen, those of the elite, who won the crowning glory of his youth.

Fame, fortune, wisdom … is what they pursue while at age 20. But late in life, when I have all these things in hand, how people feel about life? They have not satisfied? That seems to be the question that interested Sorrentino.

At the very successful work earlier as The Great Beauty, Sorrentino tells the story of journalist Jep Gambardella, 65. Jep drilling wise, sober, elegant but bored with life and always looking around La Grande Bellezza a (great beauty). The film gives Sorrentino an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award in the category of “foreign language film best.”

Youth have many similarities with The Great Beauty. The new film tells the story of the old couple Fred and Mick went resort a luxury hotel at the foot of the Alps. Fred is a composer, bandleader famous now retired. Mick is a film director, had helped many actors and Oscar-winning light flashed. Both went through a long peak period. But if Fred accept the truth and just want to live with their fate, then Mick has worked tirelessly to create “a life work.”

Despite the differences in personality, Fred and Mick are very close. They observed the young, quirky communities in the resort, joining the sweepstakes, the lovers prowling in the woods, sometimes fighting, sometimes in agreement. The audience witnessed old friendships, sometimes laugh because few details of humor, sometimes dumbfounded because touching.

“When you’re young, everything looks so close. That is the future. When you are old, everything looks so distant. That is the past”. Past heavy on the shoulders of those who entered the “twilight” of life. Youth illustrious stayed behind, we have to find a reason to live and survive. Some changes to adapt, others accept satisfied, people living rely on the past, an obstinate self-deception himself. Each one a different behavior when traveling on the end of life.

Youth have a slow rhythm, pleasant and not too difficult to see. The film has great moments as the scene Fred commanded a language Symphony cow sounds, bells, birds fly … – the rich sound of nature. In another scene, Mick saw all the characters in the movie that he had directed and appeared in the pasture. The audience will also enjoy the sight of Fred and Mick and tree cover stalking another person or the same thing gaped at the sight of a beautiful nude girl crawled down the pool. Always have a little dialogue witty film to the audience laughed, somewhat suggestive reflection.

Youth gathered a dream cast. Michael Caine, Jane Fonda and Rachel Weisz have won acting Oscars. Harvey Keitel has also received a nomination.

Michael Caine after a period of professional plays supporting roles in blockbusters like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Interstellar, series The Dark Knight, Inception … finally have a central role in an art film. He plays the bandleader Fred Ballinger – a gentleman, felt commotion, emotion-rich but very little to show it. Caine plays with a great poise.

Jane Fonda appeared briefly but leave the impression intense as beautiful woman Brenda autumnal Morel. This role makes her the candidates for the title of “Outstanding Supporting Actress” Oscar of next season.

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