Tiny cabbage – How to grow it

Tiny cabbage is grown in Europe, North America. It’s being available in Vietnam and It has grown in Dalat since the French colonial times, It is the kind of high-end products cater to the officials at the time but later then at least see, recently emerged.

Cabbage tree is tolerant, suitable for growing in the winter-spring in the North-Central and Central Highlands. The vegetable sprouts grow like buds by the spiral pattern along the stems, each leaf will produce a fruit like a miniature cabbage. Bitter, pungent odor, germ Brussels wealth concentration is also a super food supplement in the diet to fight cancer. Rich in folic acid, vitamin K, A, C help keep your brain sharp.

It only takes about 120-160 days from seed to harvest down cabbage is often used as the tiny salad, boiled, baked, sour salt discretion and taste. The dishes made from tiny cabbage most delicious by sweetness, refreshing, nutrient-rich, very good for health. We could feel the tasty and cruncy smell on it and more fiery than the big cabbage.

Tiny cabbage is an interesting suggestion for you to plant in the garden of the House just to see fit to eat. Planting steps as follows:

1. Preparation:

Seeds: buy seeds of Brassica Brussels sprouts in the store, the seeds are round and black sprouts rate 90%. Each tiny cabbage seed package references at about $ 2.


Pots and planted location: can use pots or styrofoam options area, if you plant in the House to note the height of the mature tree would from 80-120 cm for selecting appropriate planting and pots.

Land: arable land is the best cabbage meat, lightly sand or silt soils have neutral pH claims 5.5-6, can use the nutrition buy land in the store plants.

Light and temperature: cabbage, light requirements, the best temperature is between 15-20 degrees Celsius.

Cultivation time: can sowing year round, but the best is from late August of the calendar.

Seed treatment

The purchase of seeds should be clean, not diseases guarantee mold, termites.
For the amount of seeds planted wants to soak in warm water (30-40 degrees) within 2 hours. Then picked out seeds and 1 scarf (piece of cloth), incubated in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.(warm moist enough watering regularly)

2. Cultivation:

Ensure seeding ground speed as well as porous, well-drained soil should not sour, salty, soil contaminated with metal or some remnants of pesticides, soil pollution.

You can purchase coir in the shop selling flowers to bonsai nursery supplies seeds.
The dam is under the ground just to prepare, then prepare trays for seed. (no need to add any thing)
Proceed to reseed.

Sow the seeds have germinated in step ‘ 1 ‘ on the tray has prepared in the ‘ 2 ‘ each tray can land sown up to 3 seeds.
Sow on the surface and then take 1 less soil particle surface chips have just sown.
Then again for the warm moist irrigation sowing trays (moist enough and not to float off the ground seeds nursery).
Finally surface at all black plastic bag and tray to tray sown dry, airy place.
It’s best to sow seeds in trays, seed nursery to make sure the seeds are sprouting, finished seeding the massage hands lightly all over face for the land covering the seed and watered sufficiently warm.Cabbage tree in two cotyledons, after only about 5-10 days of cultivation is the will.

After 2-3 weeks, from 5-6 leaves the truth can come out. You should choose healthy plants for planting after the shark round will reach the best quality.

You want to plant trees in the form of cultivation: vertical direction to crops, how to row 30-40 cm, 15-25 cm. plant way trees Also could grow thicker than arbitrary long enough for developers tree 1 optimal way. Irrigated water soaked after planting.

3. Health care:

Watering: after hitting the tree growing up need watering, watering day 2 times in the early morning and afternoon cool until the tree clinging soil. Then just 2-3 days watering once.

Manure: to increase the quality of cabbage and increase resistance to pests, resistant to adverse weather, in addition to providing original fertilizer for the tree you need additional fertilizer leaves Middle microelements especially corn book period according to the recommended dosage on the package. This fertilizers are easy to purchase at the store.

Pests: common diseases for cabbage is bugs you, deep blue, silk worms and canker bacteria duct often arise and cause harm.

4. Harvest:

They have the same tiny cabbage vegetable cabbage tree but can reach a height of from 80 to 120 cm; each tree will for harvest from 150-170 the mini cabbage. 1 kg contains about 50-60 tiny cabbage and sold for very high prices.


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