Think of “Moon Palace” (Paul Auster)

Reading is the bussiness that I don’t take much time for it, but I need takes a lot of time for thinking, not to think about the book, but think about life, about the accidental, the irony, the loop, about suffering, about people and about my lonely. Sometimes the grief and helplessness are also greater than the fate, we were born under the stars alone and forever troubled about his destiny.
The main character, Marco Stanley Fogg was in the uncertainties of life, from a child who did not know his father, lost his mother early, Marco does not know his past, everything is fuzzy, you live like the float for everything to come and go, so much so that nearly starved, living as a homeless feeding trash green day , he practiced Tuesday nihilism in an extreme level. I don’t want to go to work, so that only exist to limit the ensuing is death. The casually pulled him from the dead. As to how the world operates, this universe revolve, it revolves round to push him into things happen could not foresee.
The work is rich in quality of a film, that if we are perfectly differentiated collection of three stories, about three men, young guy to die of hunger but not dead, disabled him to change the name of his fate because of the things going to happen in the past that no one can know the real outside himself.In the disabled man, the indication Paul Auster subtly Interlocked to give me enough to feel it really never sure it’s real. Finally the story that Solomon Barber told in a novel that he wrote “blood of Kepler,” the hidden memory of his father has left him to go from baby to mess with what his ego.
Non-physical things continue to exist if we believe what we want to believe. If “the future is the Moon”, we believe in the nothingness, the things in the book of truth to astounded, the link between the three main characters, the unjustified links to infinity, the link to push back the world, just to exist within it, a causal chain.
Is the movie it has fascinating rhythms and storytelling. The point of the story button to open up other stories are very light, without hassle. We’re just caught up in that, in the unspeakable torments of my character, in the madness of his disability, and in the giant obesity body of Solomon Barber.
I really admired Paul Auster, his way to the character Nomad drifting in life with that too big, that cannot be the way out. Each of the characters considered as life is a test, to every person at the final limits of life and death, they escape the binding, freedom, and even live with nihilism to shallow life.
“But I have to work. The morning I woke up like people, and then I find a way to try to live a day longer. It’s a full time job, not a holiday drink cafe, no weekends, no bonus, no date. I have complained, he also see, but low wages too.

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