Someone has said: “If there is next life, I want to live the life-reverse-. Born with an old man’s body, living in nursing homes and health gradually through each day until left with pensions. Then start working for 40 years and save enough for youth: partying, traveling forget sorrow … then gradually go to school and become a child and is not responsible for anything. Finally I can bye this life with an orgasm! “.

The unique idea that actually was F. Scott Fitzgerald thought from the last century, when this writer wrote The Curious Case of story Benjamin Button (titled Vietnam is strange case of Benjamin Button). By 2008, director David Fincher has taken the opposite-his-life of Benjamin Button on a giant screen and keep the original name. A long journey of nearly three hours on the film, through two centuries and to show people that true happiness is sometimes not retain a youthful appearance that is older, the people we love .

Joke of nature

When writing a story about Benjamin was born in the form of old and passed away in the shape of a child, Fitzgerald was inspired by a saying of a great writer Mark Twain is another: “It is sad when that the most beautiful things of this life back to the starting point was the most sad thing is waiting for us at the end of his life. ” But the story of Benjamin Button The Curious Case of the demonstration against the will of Mark Twain, that what the Creator arranged to rule “born-old-sick-mail” is not necessarily a tragedy.

The film begins in 2005, with the lady Daisy (Cate Blanchett) who are close to heaven on earth away beds and daughter Caroline (Julia Ormond). While longer lives only in hours, she thanks her daughter reading a diary with the old paper was inimitable color and full-time postcards from around the world. The diary recorded his extraordinary life and abnormalities of Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt), right from when he was born just …

Benjamin lost his mother at birth from his father and was abandoned at the door wealthy a nursing home owned by an old man leaning looks 80 years old. Fortunately for Benjamin when he was black maid Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) conceived and considered him as her own son. Benjamin grew up in a nursing home next to the old man old woman, but instead increasingly decrepit as the rest is Benjamin also increasingly youthful, vivacious. Fate helped him in the form of an old man he met Daisy – a girl his same age. It is from here, Benjamin turned his life a different turn …

Encapsulated in the word “Beautiful”

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a beautiful film. The word “Beautiful” that can be used to describe the story, the actors, each frame or the message that it conveys. The director of the film is David Fincher psychology, human capital is known for the thriller, thriller. His approach to this story and bring it to viewers really a surprise. Instead of dark films like Se7en water or cold as Gone Girl grams later, tones often found in Case of Benjamin Button The Curious yellow again: just evoke memories of old again just brings warmth. The time gap is expressed through skillful Button diary or the images on the TV signaling the change of the times. Fincher also has attracted very own imprint, especially as the piece “Butterfly effect” in Paris between the film songs.

This is the third film Fincher worked with Brad Pitt (after Se7en and Fight Club) and also the best showing Pitt movie. Benjamin Button character in various stages of life are represented by many different actors and arranged in the definition of Brad Pitt by CGI. It can be said, costume department did the best job when dressed in the image Blanchett or Pitt an old woman in a boy physique twenties. At the Oscar 2009, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button won in three of the total of 13 categories were nominated and they all belong to the images, makeup.

Costume department did stand in the changing appearance from time gian.Bo Benjamin makeup department did stand in the changing appearance

Fairy tale of Benjamin Button as a clause contrary to the idea of ​​Mark Twain – why when people have enough mature in thinking, to achieve success in life, the sky gradually close distant land? Benjamin grew up in a nursing home, and gradually he observed the old lady around him to leave. Benjamin with you-kid then, death seemed like a very natural thing. It was at his starting point, Benjamin was feeling the love from the “mother” Queenie and understand that “sometimes people have to look your loved ones go to understand that they are important to us to how much. “

Benjamin Button’s worldview gradually changed when he was young and had the first work in a ship of Captain Mike (Jarred Harris). Since then, he knew the smell of death gradually: from the first drink, the first woman to head couples love life through love affair with a married woman … But wherever you go, you still have habit muttered “good night, Daisy” and sent her to her ballet dancer postcard from anywhere alone set foot through.

If for life as the first two streets, the Benjamin was walking experience it from the street, while Daisy walked quickly from town ahead early with youthful looks fuller. The two met in the middle of the city, as well as the intersection of life when they are entering middle age, after many waves and appearance matched with each other. This time, Benjamin had another look at the death after joining World War II and teammates looked sacrifice. I love Daisy in the most beautiful moment in the life of both of them, and every day witnessed the tragic irony of nature for him. If wrinkles appear more days a facial Daisy Benjamin left the increasingly youthful. They can not make time stand still in the middle of the street surface carved the life of regret to the next step …

There are many messages metaphor given in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the clock running down, the bird flies image appears several times in the film (the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards – possessed only the rejuvenation of Benjamin) or the name Daisy recalls a writer’s other works Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby. But the most beautiful messages to be uttered by the Benjamin Button: “We are defined by opportunities – including the opportunities that I missed in my life.”

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