“The Piano Teacher ” (Jelinek) – Thirst for life

Almost all of her works are controversial, causing shock to the reader. But they reach a climax.

Born in 1983, but it wasn’t until 2004, after many contrary opinions, fierce controversy, the “girl playing the piano” of Austrian writer Jelinek was the Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Attached is the comment: “The flow of sounds and music-filled audio feature in the novels and plays of Elfriede Jelinek-the extraordinary language with the power to expose the unreasonable of the cliches in the society and the authority reigns”. Michael Haneke, 2001 has put the work into the film and won the 3rd prize of the Cannes Film Festival

The life of the girl Erika

Not unjustly that people argue much about the girl playing the piano. The world of the piano teacher Erika Kohut seemingly very simple but full of color that intense, penetrating aggregates u deposits that hot.

Erika lived under strict supervision of the mother. His mother Erika always viewed her as his invaluable stuff. And she totally didn’t get there one day, her daughter, her property, she can put out, become a different person.

She controlled, grumbled with every moment in her life, each of the dress she buys, her eyes once looked. And night Erika is waking, sneaky spot dress gorgeous flowers, showy that she just bought.While in the room on the other side, the old woman stalking listen to each sound from the room the daughter cới exasperation, keepers of a panic.

The complex emotions

The life he has created a complex between Erika manifesting outside and things hidden inside. Is a girl’s grave, manual feed, cleverly wears her longing secret things of love, sex. Teacher Erika venture leaders sneaky snooping heterosexual couples love. She always brings out the razor to flagellation.

Her relationship with schoolboy Klemmer also brought strange colors like that. It is the human being hindered, torment. They have self released, self made pain yourself and make others pain.

Erika’s story culminated when she returned kại tormenting his mother, when schoolboys used Erika as a brutal sex joke.

And all end when Erika find schoolboys, to plug blades into you. But when looking at you laughing with friends, her back hurt himself, Le home steps, blood flow net on the shoulder.

The strange life

With a flexible style, sleek and … the butter, “the girl playing the piano” peeling the ceiling of what is considered taboo in the cultural life of Austria. Still the way of writing is very unpopular in the postmodern era: since no comments, no emotion. How to tell a naked, not cloaking, hinted, not intentionally create any emotion in the readers. The writer to the reader find stuff, perceiving the written page.

Considered one of the women writers writing in German the most famous nowadays, with so many individual causing shock to readers. The theme throughout her work is women’s sexuality and the conflict of gender. In which “girls playing the piano” is a typical works.

The WarBirds of the female characters in the search process itself, artificially because life must always behave according to the Arab mold pattern, all open the eyes of people reading the world, inner world of strange, new life.

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