The “magic feet” of Leo…

In a year that Barcelona is the world’s number one club in the Championship, with the best player they are honoring is another thing completely understandable and worthy. The Golden Crown of Barca, Lionel Messi is the sparkling diamond, with the unforgettable performances as Bayern Munich or brewed double magic solo against Athletic Bilbao. In the USA’s constant HA sa from the international press was used to praising Messi, impressed me for an article by journalist Hernan Casciari done in 2012. This Argentinean pens do not like Maradona, Pele, for von Messi or a legendary player, which provides comparison of Barcelona number 10 player as … a dog. Yes, you read where not wrong: a dog! But don’t think that this is an insult for Messi, because the truth is completely different. I’m saying narrated the Argentinian journalist’s perspective this in here.
Did you ever play throw the ball with his pet dog? If it is then make sure you understand the way for von Casciari’s famous article “Messi is a dog”. As a child, his family has a pet dog named Totin. A lazy dog to the extent it just short, when there is a long yawn yawn doorbell or both when the thief in the House. But when Totin was seeing a yellow sponge then it like crazy. It want to sponge him more than anything else in the world and are willing to die to get it. When jam Casciari through jam sponge then again in front of the old ones, Totin it constantly in his hands with island eye always fastened to the sponge. In Flash, it’s eyes moved from the sluggish state of a teenage boy big new to British eyes of Sherlock Holmes.
Messi’s eyes also similarly with the round ball. One can talk everything about the style of Messi in off the pitch, with the other going to the weird fashion wing of awards or wear the costume budget when such an opinion the President of Gabon. But within the pitch, no one can deny the talent of the little guy. He played the ball in an upper level redundant, makes people wonder how a modest figure so hidden a great talent to make it.
And if you have time to watch a video on Youtube titled “Messi never dives” (Messi never food), you will see hundreds of mixed ball that Lionel Messi to foul. From the principle of the ball, pulling the shirt, khều foot, hitting … you can find all type of mistake. But despite the deliberately play badly to discourage him, Messi did not fail. If wanted, Messi can totally lay down again and saw his team for an arbitration result punishment and donate to a yellow card. Song everything you do when was trying to head back and keeping the ball in the. Messi’s eyes never leave the ball, like Totin with sponge.
As a membrane to not the laws that FIFA have imposed on the game, Messi play ball with the soul of a dog. A dog would know when you see a car come fall bore toward yourself, or complain to the owner when a cat painting takes its food. A dog never watch TV or read newspapers, not interested whether this important match to the discomfort level would … All of what it is like to simply play with sponge and leave the life. Messi, too, he played as if still in the period of King sports: when the cards have yet to appear, when offside yet to away goals, when the home is not the right thing. Meanwhile, 22 men to just focus on the ball, with the passion of pure and pristine. Messi played the ball with full passion, indifferent to and then you break the historical milestones and brought modern football return to the childhood milestones “celestial geography formed the Prefecture”.
My imagination is not rich as Hernan Casciari. But if to compare Messi with a model that does that, I will for you is a captain Tsubasa in real. The kids ever grow up with football and the passion of comics as I will probably understand somewhat. With Captain Tsubasa, “the ball is your best friend” and must always keep her friends at his side. Japanese guy he always played with enthusiasm, desire and pure love. Captain Tsubasa-like patterns in the dreams of every child who ever started the first match of his life with the slippers, golf column made honeycomb miết plastic balls to chase her until it rolled into “the grid”.
In the manga, Captain Tsubasa finally was admitted at the highest world level when Barcelona shirt and shines in El Clásico. In real life, are there other boys of Camp Nou also considered the ball is your best friend and downloads still do love millions of hearts by his magic feet …

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