Taynguyen – on the last day of March

I chose Highlands as my destination on the last day of March. Not only because “March is the season for honey bees and elephant into the river …”, which has long wanted to watch the headline stretched rubber flap pull over, watching the red dirt road, watching the flowers wild sunflowers sunny yellow … like colorful of Highlands.
If you want to go through, you can choose the road or air. Currently in Highland has 3 airport, in Da Lat, Pleiku and Buon Ma Thuot. Depending on which route you can choose 1 of 3 landed the airport. Or you want to come south central strip may be landed at Binh Dinh, Phu Yen or Nha Trang then began oto up are very convenient. The three of us including 2 female 1 male luck hunting round 3 pairs of flight: Hanoi – Buon Me Thuot from December should only scheduled visit to the land of the plateau within 4 days and 4 nights.
Initially our aspiration is 4 days and 4 nights with Dac Lac – Gia Lai – Kontum with the Buon Don, waterfalls, fall 3 Indochina. But after consultation of Mrs. Ha Nguyen, we decided to just go Dak Lak and Kon Tum, to regain Falls 3 Indochina and the flap wild sunflowers on a different occasion in December.
• Day 1: boarding 6h40 to 8h40 at Buon Me Thuot. Get a room, car rental, lunch and afternoon to Buon Don. I always drink coffee around.
• Day 2: Visit waterfalls Gia Long – Dray Sap. Trung Nguyen coffee village. Buy gift. Café and drink down 6.
• On 3 1 you about conference. 2 girls traveling by bus to Pleiku. Minh Thanh pagoda and culinary tourism. Great Unity Square.
• Day 4: Visiting eyes and Park Dong Xanh Pleiku. Afternoon start the car on the BMT.
• Day 5. On Hanoi.
Buon Ma Thuot:
Unlike our imagination, arid BMT not that fresh with tree-lined streets. The path here is easy to remember because all will focus on the intersection of six.
Hotels: We at the hotel in Phu Cat, 113 Hai Ba Trung Nga just 6 600m. Rooms are clean, well-equipped. 180k / room 1 double bed. 3 bed room home 300k.Co Hue also enthusiastic and friendly, is a map to show all handicapped live for you on where to eat, buy gifts, vehicles …
Motorcycles: all call her our car households. Car hire 2 days 2 nights but only 250k / car / 2 days, petrol .. Vehicles Tipper new, fully documented. If you do not at Phu Cat hotel can still call for a Blessed 0913439987 to rent a car.
Dining: We are testing chicken rice, red rice noodles, rice noodles with minced fish, bread and all sorts of water Khot. I especially liked her rice shop at 22 Le Thanh Tong Eight. 1 plate of roast chicken coconut water humming, greasy and eye-catching, but only 45k / dish, add 1 bonus fish red snapper soup for 3 people. Especially the bars here are comfortable together drinking tea not lose money.
Rice chicken thighs her ribs rice + Eight
Fork red Bun Giot- Phan Le Duan: Called vermicelli noodles big and red as red. When tasted, we find flavored crab vermicelli, served with salad. 17k / bowl. But I was not very impressed with this dish, I prefer chicken over rice.
Banh Khot Street Y Jut: Sale afternoon, 25k / 2 disk. This cake has no personnel that served with soy sauce and greaves, is not it very difficult dissipated no. Subjectively, I find bread tastier Khot in Tuy Hoa, with filling of shrimp, wafers and smaller but more aromatic.
Khot cake.
Sautéed minced: At the top of Hai Ba Trung Street, 15k / bowl. Bun but not eat with chopsticks and eat spoon, taste strange.
Café: In BMT I sit 2 bars, 1 shop in Dinh Tien Hoang (12k / 1 cup ice milk), and in Sunrise restaurant Le Thanh Tong (22k ​​/ ice milk). Regarding quality, the two are almost the same shop, but shop Sunrise with beautiful view over + freer + band performances. I like him a guitar and singing 1, characterized Highlands.
Sunrise Café
Drinking water: At the beginning of the road near the intersection 6 and Yjut. There Soy milk, green bean milk, peanut milk, creamed corn and water pennywort. For several days I have tried all kinds of water, milk, peanuts and corn milk rather exotic, green beans normal milk.: P.
Trung Nguyen coffee village: You should go day by day because of the beautiful scenery and can at the museum café. At night, only to go for coffee only, and the price was very expensive. (We were just in the car at a glance that said café where not good, but should not sit more expensive.)
Buon Don: 40 km from the city, maybe motorbike or bus. There are three areas where you can go, but we just visit the Suspension Bridge and Buon Don district – Dakruco. in Cau Treo zone you can rent an elephant to ride. 1 elephant carrying 3 people, 150k / 15p, 300k / 30p, 600k / 1h. 15p type ie you only go elephant riding along the back is off, the elephant kind 30p will wading along the shoreline along the Srepok river, the elephant kind 1h will swim the squeeze on river waters (We’re coward, unfortunately out of time money and should only choose 30p.: P). Since only circus elephant accustomed to coming here, we were overwhelmed by the elephants than 2m high. In addition, the suspension bridge is a very very well should look. On the outside, nothing outstanding, but when on the suspension bridge interlaced system and sense stalling going on bridge + sunlight through the leaves … really worth the experience. On the way we stopped drinking sugarcane juice and 1 cup of sugar cane juice VND 5k
Gia Long Waterfalls – Dray Dray Sap Nusantara: Waterfalls currently under Dak Nong to the direction opposite to Buon Don. Gia Long waterfall trails on the long road through the forest headline dry season, look beautiful like swordplay movies .. Also we have a chance to stop at first sight trees What we do not know what for fruit tree varieties fruit whip too .. Waterfall dry season but not much water is enough to make us overwhelmed by its grandeur.
A few other things:
BMT and Pleiku Bank lot, concentrated in the center and all of the common bank. So you do not need to hold large amounts of cash, bringing travel card is sufficient.
Taxi: BMT have taxi Decision Progress, white taxi Airport, the Mai Linh cheaper but quality is very good, the car did not run around and be able to go all-inclusive bargain. Go near it is the km.
Passenger cars running BMT – Pleiku: Can catch the bus station, very much. But when I go home, she called one household vehicle, Kieu Trinh, Hyundai’s 16 seats, small vehicles and heat but the plus point is the shuttle opened at home, to take on-site Pleiku also always (Support for the taxi.) . Phone number 0914032136 do you go from BMT 7h morning or from Pleiku 1pm.
I’ve long been known as the City of Mountain Pleiku. City street interrupted by the high slopes, winding and very many roadside snack. According to my subjective PLK more crowded and more expensive prices BMT.
Hotels: Unlike Me Thuot call ahead, we find dozens of new hotel to find places like that. PLK KS pretty rare small and more expensive. Finally we chose the guesthouse union Hai Ba Trung Street, near the city police, room 2 single beds 220k / night. Old but clean room, good security. 1 Notes staff there let us rent a motorbike from noon until noon the next day before, 150k.
Minh Thanh Temple, Su Van Hanh street. Very large and beautiful temple, with the 9-storey tower, visited at sunset, the beauty there is nothing to blame. But the temple is not correct guide to Sprawl crowded and steam.
Dried Noodle Soup (Pho 2 bowl): shop baby Tu Phan Dinh Phung street. Called noodle bowl for 1 2 bowls, 1 bowl of broth bones together stew, cooked beef, served with soy sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce and salad. Charming and fully saturated.
Dried Noodle
Snacks: Sugar Unity. Go with 2 bars where we ate 5 dishes: tea, eggs baked roll, beef liver salad, snails um, guttered grill. Rice paper and crispy egg exotic food, the spicy liver salad torn tongue, soft and tasty snails um. Rolls and dessert, nothing worth mentioning.
Café: Tram Road Wuu shop. This road is very beautiful cafe 1 block, we chose this restaurant for exclusive and unusual space, space garden style, soothing music (this bar to make the day more beautiful evening). Café in Pleiku lot and also very beautiful.
Lake: We’re very eager to want to admire the lake because Pleiku eyes went to poetry many generations. However upon arrival, the cool air outside, pine, blue water, blue sky, it is not too special. There are boat services on the lakes but because a hurry so we could not go. Around the lake fishing rods plugged one lot.
Eyes Pleiku
Square Dai Doan Ket: Yes largest Ho Chi Minh statue Vietnam, also nice and cool, service next ride horses run around anymore (we did not go so do not ask price). Touched but also most anxious that we send the car at the café next one that, after a power outage Square I sat in a café next to more than 10 pm. Peering into the car saw two children looking car sitting in each of us, the store is closed, hug, nodding as if to sleep there. Running a little money to get them a drink to thank but they have refused to receive 2, run always at home, while promotion to grin makes me silly humans.
On the drive from the PLK-BMT has many ties wild sunflowers, but what for March left some flowers just lonely and dry tree, full of fruit or stems. I made a promise to himself to return to the region in December, to see the bright yellow wild sunflowers flap, see the pure smile of baby looks vehicles, vehicle parts or uncle uncle sell dry noodles; to see the plateau soul: Powerful, intense but equally gentle and hospitable.
with few ties remaining wild sunflowers … And the first time I saw that result.

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