Tay-Nguyen Diary: Visit to the Ho village (Dak Lak)

It is the Buon Ho town of Daklak province. The moment it was crowned “town”, people also began upgrading two provincial highway 645 (Phu Yen) and 691 (Dak Lak) to connect to Highway 29. It is the intersection of Highway 29 and Highway 14 (now Ho Chi Minh Trail running through the Central Highlands). The day it was separated from Krong Buk for “towns”.

Assembly of green tea at his neighbor very juicy. The defenses of this town but tomorrow will lift the city and not know about it will be the center of Dak Lak, Buon Me Thuot also will be directly under the central government, its neighbors into city land. Listen to their service population is, everyone likes much disaster. But think about a few things but life cost to close this place is not necessarily much different, the distortion tools awkward to face.
It is the shopping center for people Krong Buk and Ea two H’Leo. Especially people in Ea H’Leo, Ban Me Thuot want to go shopping to go hundreds of kilometers. When Buon Ho is invested to the two district towns, the pig was cut smoking .it is people in the province were assigned to support afraid of two districts located on the road linking Gia Lai and Dak Lak.
If Buon Ho enough to reach the city, both it and the port of Vung Ro (Phu Yen) will be the two ends of trade for the Central Highlands and southern central highway through 29. Later if we enough to build the railway from Dak Lak Phu Yen up the land prices of Buon Ho bit expensive jog.
Buon Ho exist extremely faint in his childhood. Because where I live from that place about 70 km winding road. First listen to the points of Buon Ho is because of the other meals, parents say uncle neighbors will move into Buon Ho lived. Note that the people of Hue, perhaps live with the neighbors Nghe An entire people that pay little lonely. So his uncle moved into the community living with Hue migration.
For now, Buon Ho is the landmark milestone for each person in your family while traveling by bus running from Gia Lai to the call notification prepared to fork Cuor Dang (pronounced Chu Dang) welcome.

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