Story of a friend of mine

There’s a friend of mine. If I say we’re close, then that’s not. But it’s not right if I said we’re not be close  (Because I have many relationships like that, I don’t know how the call). She told me the real long story about love and sexuality, the family, adultery … of her. Then finally she concluded: “I’m bored too in love, don’t love the best, mild light, people in debt”.
I laughed out loud to her, I recalled less than a year ago, she chose the other. She told me something that kind of support blindly supported my love, I advocate the pursuit of a silhouette that almost never will belong to me. She is still and always will love such dedication. So even though she has said anything then I still believe she loves and back yourself.
Once fall just makes people more cautious until the careless again, and so, we fell that no precautions. The sentiment is that, when in the wide sense, then one way or the other, we love, and love, as only one in the world, only love someone new enough to save me out of the disappointment of this life.
Review for the same why that date her because the articles that look to me, and told me everything, things which people will bury the dreams so it never gets out, because we are the same in the plunge into love as the ephemera, enjoy it and depletion because of it. Love that does not compute, foolish, as if each was a first love.
I heard she is like a wind blowing through the cloud, and then go away, I pushed away a little bit and then go back to back his position. So long after her new look to me to tell, I was always afraid to hear “my family shattered and then” because of her adultery was discovered. I don’t want to judge her life, people have the right to choose how to live for themselves. I just don’t want her suffering, her family. I am especially sensitive to each person’s nest. I always wanted to though one has lost in the maze as the people still have a place to go. Like me, every time I lost for so long, I always have a special person asked me: “did you find the way home?”
I’m just waiting for that, I find I can float themselves, because I always had home to about.
So I always wanted to tell her to “go home, man.”
Short life, we sometimes are not allowed to float her, and to her lost forever, cannot always p.m. wild heart to his love as possible on this life just to have him and his love. The family always there waiting for us, but not forgetting our family, we lost too far and could not on anymore.
I just want to say that, after my friend’s story, never put love up on the family, to when the most suffering, we can go, the only place safe and always ready to defend him. And than, we have the right to his own suffering, but does not have the right to do those who love us are suffering grief because we. That’s the worst thing.

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