Specialties from insects in Highlands (Đặc sản từ côn trùng ở Tây Nguyên)

Not only famous by dishes of rice, grilled chicken Don … Highland also many other unique specialties like deep sienna, pupae or fried cicadas.
In the minds of many players phượt Highlands is famous for romantic Lak lake, primeval forests and hills glowing white coffee flowers. Not only that, it also has many unique dishes, not to mention the most prominent of the kind made from the following insects.

Deep sienna

When the first rains appear Highlands, worms covered her sienna start young green leaves in the cultivation of coffee, pepper, or in the red dirt path leading into the village. The insect has much that anyone passing by would be few worms crawling body cling and crawl up people.

Which are pests of crops but whenever in season, depth is a unique specialty of the people here. Dark green worm, her smooth sleek, full grip on the crowd sienna – used for certain crops for coffee hoarfrost. Every time you want to enjoy, just half a day to catch, people here have a delicious breakfast specialties. Deep fat sienna sweet taste, are enjoying by fried, boiled or even can be eaten raw. Each processing are the attractive exotic aftertaste.

Chrysalis also be classified as a unique specialty in the Central Highlands, the fat, sweet, pleasant scent as the smell of coffee flowers blooming in March. When mature, moving deep sienna trunk to pull cocoon pupate. It was then the long and deep sleep waiting for the butterflies. When the worm cocoons on leaves and covered with big round turn into pupae, people began harvesting and processing of the three main ways are fried, boiled or eaten raw.

Ants are insects everywhere, tiny size but contains high nutrition. Therefore, is can be processed into many different dishes. Most prominent is not to mention sticky eggs, egg coloring is cooking, mix the egg is raw papaya, pomelo salad or sour soup was John. Particularly in the Highlands, people here have tomato soup cooked fish ants spring drive.

Accordingly, the fish is cleaned streams, to the pot of boiling water. When nearly cooked fish, the cook put anthill Natural yellow soup pot and mix well. This approach helps dissolve completely sour the anthill.

In addition, it also has a famous dish of salt is yellow. Is used to be kind to, after the start of light will reveal a half-day sun. The next stage is to retire with chili forest chicle, é leaf, salt and a forest leaves are picked together in time to catch ants. This condiment set stealth vegetables soup, dried meat, or to put a toad forest green, mango, guava.

Guests have been to Highland on summer days, will hear the doorbell rang, boisterous and bustling of cicadas. Summer rain is also the proliferation phase, flourish and develop ticks. When larval ticks molt to switch to the adult stage, people rushed to arrest and processed into attractive dishes.
Tickets are preferred males both for meat to make, delicious. The distinction is simple. Only the naked eye, you conspicuously small lapel male, wing thickness and honk. Meanwhile, the left wing lapel thin, big belly and does not emit sounds when touched.

Tickets start of removed the wings, legs and intestines, then stuffing the peanuts were roasted in the stomach. The next stage is the oil pan and fry over low spice tasting like sauce, monosodium glutamate, onion, peppers, garlic until turn yellowish cumbersome. Ve fried greasy taste, plus the Bui Bui of peanuts and chili pepper from that who once enjoyed will remember forever.

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