Songs from the north (Swallow The Sun) [2015] – The Northern giant nomads

A set of 3 albums which are out simultaneously is overwhelmed with any band. Whether it is . But this is definitely the album I must own this year. The first Swallow The Sun’s famous band artwork with beautiful music. So definitely an album this unity will correspond to 1 the unmatched beauty of their artwork. The second is more important than the music. Despite a few times quite boring in the 2nd disk then this is still a great work to show off what the essence of STS with which is the new test. Can be summarized in three albums Songs from the North in 3 words: dark, sad and desperate

Album 1 (upset): Is the most easy-listening album and the best of this album (can position will change when I heard the album 3 more). Simply because in this album STS do what they do best, in his previous five albums. The perfect blend between the soft tone full of melodic and intense death metal. Beautiful acoustic guitar, bass guitar, sad, tired, piano melodiously, chilly air and sad embraces. Music as streams in the forest brought gently weave into the ear. As always, your vocalist Mikko Kotamäki smooth switching between harsh and clean full of emotion

Album 2 (dark) giving the new experiment of STS when they clear away the element of metal instead of mostly acoustic guitar and piano. Slowly than the dark music than there is a little romance adventure of progressive rock. That these tests made for the album 2 lack of gas, have the students specification. Return the track as The Heart of a Cold White Land or track the theme Songs from the North also temporarily enough to survive the third album.

Album 3 (desperation): As the end of the Lord Of The Rings, the third album is the album’s most epic trilogy. Almost completely built by harsh vocals. STS up an album full of stress, spill the power but still emotionally effusive. The climax of the album lies in the last track, 3 3 a epic successive wide-eyed as his book the haunted phăng tired and bored of the previous 2 albums, offering Songs from the north end of a dramatic and haunting.

In summary if I’m perfectionist who will look forward to it just as the duo album instead of the 3 albums. But Songs from the north with all its strengths and weaknesses have formidable creative power of STS at the same time shows their maturity to replace names like Katatonia, Anathema to become head of the Doom/Death

The Info:

Band: Swallow The Sun
Genre: Melodic Doom/Death
Album: Songs from the north
Year: 2015
Nation: Finland

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