Salted cashew nuts – A Gift from Đak Lak

Salted cashew nuts are a food that long ago became familiar items for the people of Vietnam. Cashew nuts are grown and famous manufacturer in Dak Lak countryside, and this place has created specialties salted cashew nuts Daklak famous not only domestic but also on international countries whole in the world.

Dak Lak is the land not only famous for coffee, but also famous for cashew planting large numbers in Vietnam. It was here that created the famous specialties from around the world are food salted cashew nuts. Salted cashew nuts have three main types of silk shell nuts rustic roasted fresh, clean type testa cashews roasted fresh rustic and kind from private clean white silk shell roasted rough. Cashew nut shell silk for better taste, more bold in 3 types. But what kind of clean seed testa characteristics remain after scraping clean the outer shell to form beautiful yellow and more.

Salted cashew nuts is considered an appetizer dish used in the meal or as a snack during the Tet holiday. Everyone together sitting around a cup of tea, a glass of wine and sip the crunchy nuts, warm and greasy. We may encounter cashews are widely sold in shops, chic restaurants around the world. used as gifts holidays occasion very meaningful …

Many people think that nuts are not good for health because it has too much fat. But the truth is completely the opposite, cashew dish brings many benefits for human health. The fat in nuts is a good fat, like fat in olive oil for 80% of the fat in nuts is unsaturated fat, which mainly oleic fatty acids good for people with dyslipidemia blood, heart disease or diabetes are accompanied by persistent high blood triglycerides. So that nuts are good for the heart and the nerves, prevent cancer, heart healthy … And especially the girls would love to eat nuts because it works to help you lose weight.

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