Review of Ursa (2016) – Novembre

Novembre’s music has always been something special. They were adorned with Doom metal colored gentle touches of gothic romance, a little out of the way of progressive and sometimes a little cruel of melodic death. Waltz Classica two albums and their Novembrine a playlist of my major accounts. And almost 10 years after the most recent album The Blue, Novembre renewed bear back with Ursa. Right from the first notes of the music quiet and gentle as they came rushing back unprecedented separations.

Novembre playing a leisurely, unhurried that seemed lazy indulgence. Doom metal something absolutely no heaviness, fatigue. In contrast, their guitars are always flexible, full color. Tone steadily drifting quiet as the lake waters with ripples, floating. On the music scene that is very special vocals of Carmelo Orlando. Clean voice husky vocals themselves, plastic resin, not necessarily weak, but always felt like the breath whispered very addictive. As always Novembre very cleverly integrated into the material sometimes melodic death blow to add vitality to music regularly, their spread. With Dan Swano standing bugaboo as well known producer from having to say the bass and drums are handled Novembre how subtle. Always make sure and was shining a solid backbone to the album. At the same time the progressive elements of rhythm interrupts release is also done very smoothly. To score higher servant for The Blue and Ursa can say is nearly equivalent Materia.

  • Info Band: Novembre
    Genre: Gothic / Doom
    Album: Ursa
    Year: 2016
    Nation: Italy
  • Track List
    01. Australis 07:37
    02. The Rose 05:30
    03. Umana 05:49
    04. Easter 05:03
    05. 05:50 URSA
    06. Oceans Of Afternoons Jimmy 05:46
    07. Annoluce 06:22
    08. Agathae 09:22
    09. Bremen 06:17
    10. Fin 07:18

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