Perception Highlands (Tây nguyên trong tôi)

Highlands, a blue strip CTS with vast primeval forests, white with silver bag cascade same culture extremely unique and rich. The Central Highlands plateau also know how mysteries of the jungle, the people, the traditional festival of Ede, Bana, Xe Dang symbolizes vitality, spirituality, majestic always invites visitors .. .
First time to go through, I like being attracted by the wild, mysterious land where the clouds, the mountains hug. In Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong has created a heroic stance, steadiness of this land. Srepok River 400km long on looks very magnificent. Along the length of the river as night falls on buzz flowing, creating a beautiful picture.
The Highlands to the space intangible cultural characteristic: gong – gong. Those who understand similes, the gong store words as they sing. Singing like a long time Srepok river, at immense M’Drac, sometimes sublime, chasms like the sun, while the deep, deep bass emanating from the ground.
Mang Den highland pine forest, with lakes and rivers Yaly has entered legend as Dah, Bla, Po Ko … Between the pristine mountains and majestic are the villages of ethnic Ba Na ethnic, Bram, Gia Rai, Xe Dang, Ro Mam … It still keeps intact the ancient festivals, like the buffalo feast, feast new meal, rituals.
In the Highlands, there is a longer wooden houses hundreds of meters of Ede with beautiful carvings and elaborate, high-pitched roofs ranging ax leaning shape carved into the blue sky, or a flexible definition of dance sinus of the boys, girls Bana, and perhaps above all, seductive colors of brocade … still stored.

Especially in the communal house of the village or the floor of each family always had wine. Alcohol should be done carefully but easygoing in materials: grain rake (a kind of grass grows in the Highlands), county Daphnia, millet, rice, corn (maize), tapioca … Each of them give a flavor own sweetness.
If you’re a fan of the wild, like discovering new things, then go to the city of Kontum and Pleiku Highlands to be the ears hear the cheers of wind, water, ice and soak up ca endless mixes of contemporary green forest with thousands of legends about love.
When visiting Kon Tum, I was away on a boat to cross the river to visit Yaly hydropower plant, watching the vast Tonle Sap between Highland mountains and enjoy the taste of wine, listening to the gong, above T ‘ forests, Klong put the horn and listen earnestly, lyrical. Every collection of Kon Tum is ideal fruit to listen to the epic, epic heroic sons of Highland mountains majestic, indomitable …
Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province, in the north of the vast central highlands. With an average altitude of about 500m, Pleiku has a cool climate and interesting destination on the road to legendary Highland Green.
Speaking to Pleiku refers to the slope of the mountain town. Seen from above, the road like a white silk winding blue hills to reach the beautiful sights such as waterfalls Dakthoa, Phu Cuong waterfall, waterfall Lo O, nine-story waterfall, MangYang portal, peak Ham Wide…
Moreover, the region in general and Pleiku, Gia Lai in particular is a place to record how the feats of heroes Shield, children between the age stalked thousands Bana was writer Nguyen Ngoc depict dramatic and alive as iconic art of country life work standing up.
At Pleiku with Silk Nung lake like a giant mirror constant waves in every drop of sunshine yellow light glass, magnificent beauty. Spread over built on 280ha, Silk Nung lake is the mouth of the giant volcano has shut down long ago, now cede the green space for shady pine trees.
In the city center, with the mountain town of Pleiku ancient architecture Cathedral Wood, University of seminaries missionaries, especially Minh Thanh Temple, the largest temple in the Central Highlands with the curved roof and the floor tower executioner is emerge to pick up the rays. The temple is located on the road to Nguyen Viet Xuan poetic, it’s just making workshops, has a place for the statue arhats, guardian, Buddhas were carved on every facial expression, every gesture smallest.
From the rear electric, looking toward sunset, the sky turned red print is a majestic Buddha fragrant lotus lake, such as giving visitors an immense stillness, a sense of calm in the gate Buddha .
In the space of quiet mountain town, sat watching every drop of coffee blends to the bottom of the small specialty deposition, suddenly heard the song eyes of musician Nguyen Cuong Pleiku: “I like Pleiku My beautiful, my heart want to shatter that … “, you will find our hearts nao nao by humming sound tones of the gong and ecstatic dance of the cup wine will make you never forget the refined definition of the essence land, the sky, the green forest and the bold brocade items Highlands.
Leaving Highlands, in I also bring good image intact, but full of mysterious grandeur of this land. Because there is too much culture or, fascinating attractions to explore.
The nostalgic will make the dream once again!

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