“Youth” (2015) – Youth and old age through the story of the gentleman

Paolo Sorrentino’s a middle-aged guy like doing movies about old age. However, this is not any old age, not the small-town identity, marginalized lives, the loser – a character he colleague Alexander Payne favored. Paolo Sorrentino’s film about old age these gentlemen, those of the elite, who won the crowning glory of his youth. Fame, […]

“The Duke of Burgundy” (2015) – “Love is the color of sunshine”

Love has many forms. There are full of passionate love and lust as two girls in Blue is the warmest color, has the full protection love and defend like in the film Carol, also has love as the two women in the film The Duke of Burgundy, the love of acceptance and willing to sacrifice […]

“Creed” (2015) Movie – A truly man in the glory

In the American movies which were launched on the occasion last year to the Academy Awards to the Creed is a name worth watching for. Though Director Ryan Coogler didn’t like Quentin Tarantino, or Inarritu. But he scored his mark first impression of Fruitvale Station in 2013. Creed is the story of the legacy movie chain […]

Think of “Moon Palace” (Paul Auster)

Reading is the bussiness that I don’t take much time for it, but I need takes a lot of time for thinking, not to think about the book, but think about life, about the accidental, the irony, the loop, about suffering, about people and about my lonely. Sometimes the grief and helplessness are also greater than the […]