Only Lovers Left Alive (1964) – The immortality of love

When the film and television drama filled with vampires, zombies, exploiting every aspect including love, apocalypse … what do we think that this topic is increasingly saturated and can hardly appeared a yet heavy enough to make the film feel more impressed and excited Only Lovers left Alive, the Jim Jarmusch’s appearance, completely reversed our thinking about Vampire genre. A rare film work truly enchanted with the beauty of the scene, the depth of the story and rich, funny, expression, great acting, and music is extremely interesting collage. Only Lovers Left immersed in Alive, in the darkness of life vampires, as we are immersed in the purity of the film, we live the same somnambulist over the centuries as the guys that never dies , nostalgic about the old time by yourself.

The story of two vampire Eve (Tilda Swinton) and Adam (Tom Hiddleston) is the last couple centuries, for whatever reason that is not explained, they live in two different cities, Detroit Adam also Eve at Tanger. Adam is a musician through each period to the beat of the times progress that he composed the corresponding category, at the present time, he had long hair, like men Electric Guitar collection, and composing music characterized Rock, a metal insdustrial format. Adam hated modern society, and haunted by its corrupt should live completely separate from the outside world, his only contact a single person is Ian (Anton Yelchin) – a young man making work in the music industry. And Eve was a bookie, has a huge knowledge of various fields, she was in the same city with Marlowe (John Hurt) – is also a vampire, a contemporary and real secret author of the works attributed to Shakespeare. All three of them are no longer suck blood directly from person to feed the body, they go to the doctor with the blood source of pure and clean to buy and feed themselves with the source of “food.” Adam and Eve’s relationship crossed centuries and still romantic sight. After a century not met, they decided to reunite. Eve went to Detroit to visit Adam. There, they met up with his sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska) is full of wild Eve, Adam always had a hostile attitude and want to stay away.

Is a vampire movie, but no scenes of horror, gore, and mysterious circumstances. Jim Jarmusch gives us a different perspective, simpler and much more subtle. These vampires are not the bloodthirsty ambition, their capital is still always be artists and musicians, who hide in the shadows create art, but they always have the paradox of existence works his own creation. Adam just wants his work to the world just afraid that fame will kill his writings. He brought his music to Schubert without thinking of demanding his name on the works of Schubert. Always said that my music as music in the cemetery, but when I heard his music was smuggled out in a certain way and be playing somewhere, I do not see the anger that is just the calm to humble an artist who hated life full of things outside the person he called zombie (undead). In the first half of the film, in the dark, Jim Marmusch with Yorick Le Saux cameraman gradually through beautiful scenes where each scene like a collage, take us into the world of vampires, the condensation of time and the nostalgic.

Human world is full of postmodern disease, people in the eyes of Adam just menacing hordes of zombies. Exactly so they are no longer directly drink human blood again. At this point, the pure blood like opium in their dose. Memorable scene in the first film, when the three vampires drink blood sip of pure, high above the camera placed directly turned down all three seats are reclining on various disaster sites. Camera spin, or is the rhythm of the music amid revelations of pleasure, surge in their hearts. The film which has brought in his order face a bizarre but charming, cold but my heart beats shield fast rhythms and full of life .. The film is no longer simply about the vampire movie half. Indeed, if it merely considered that these vampires are humans, blood is opium, we will naturally see a portrait of anti-social people, immersed in their own world, to live, to passion, to love, to escape the brutal world out there.

When Eve and Adam met, the film draws us imagine to “Before sunset” to “Midnight in Paris”. In which two people love each other, talk about a bygone era, the names they knew in the past. With extended life out of this century through another century, knowledge of the sea so much as Eve, and with each trip Car nighttime walk with Adam, they were on the old place, was not there, was destroyed in a modern world full of rotting. Eve starts with memory and his knowledge, image reconstruction there, giving it the memories and turn it into beautiful memories of art, beauty has been destroyed. They, in their ardent love, draws us in with familiar names, sometimes I was startled to realize they were talking about someone, their name identical to the name of the people said. Eve also known as Daisy Buchanan, the heroine of the novel “The Great GASBY” and other names, such as Fibonacci, Faust … I always thought, none of us have ever seen in modern times inept want to be born in another era, the romantic era, period lighting, golden era … Therefore, the film brings a special empathy for what went past was the past, once very beautiful. Through the love story of two vampire, Jim Jarmusch has really put us in a haunting visualization of beauty. Also love beautiful things, we are really living, not merely survive, and how two immortals other screen is done.

The combination of Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston really extremely unique and one can hardly think of. An actress with acting extremely diverse and outstanding and a handsome actor, there are a lot of fans do not come from the difficult role, he is like a dude, in the smile full of charm and charisma. Perhaps because of such a great combination of phase which brings a couple of lovers will be talked about a lot of the beauty, the pure and as Jesse and Celine immortal, like Joe and Clementine or many other romances cinema.

As the title of the film, Only Lovers Left Alive – The only people who will live forever, their love, in the dark, in the weak or strong, in the division or reunion, it extends from the world this century through another century. And not only that, they also saw their passionate love in the couple love each other, in the subtleties of music, life, so they last as the guys in the world to know that eternal love what. They passed immortality to others, the end of the film, is the endless connection of love, of beauty in the world of fine leg.

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