[ Novel Review ] “La promesse de l’aube” (Romain Gary) – Unconditional love

“I used to be a happy ending of my mother.” – Gary Romain finished the autobiography “The promise of dawn” like her. It is true indeed, is a renowned writer, a brilliant diplomat, a true aristocrat, Romain Gary has turned all the longing of a special mother come true. Autobiography that not autobiographical, novel without proper novels, memoirs and even less than a memoir, “Promise at Dawn” is a great story with extremely casual tone that haul Roll, authentic but very lyrical, tells of his life that the protagonist emerges as a novel character, a character so close novel extremely honest. “Promise at Dawn” is a testament to a great personality, a writer of French origin but not carrying the full characteristics of a nation whose literature is always located at the peak of the world, to improve sliding, simple, full of philosophical and deeply humane. And perhaps in all the writings on the mother’s autobiography book written about the best mother, perhaps because the mother of Romain is a role model of maternal love.

There are many things feelings are identified on birth but perhaps nothing sacred motherhood. Because maternal love that a mother willing to do anything for me and sacrificed all for me that sometimes leads to extreme by the child never was big, always outstretched wings to give shelter , caring, always afraid of being marginalized, bullied, always losing their child but could not drop me in life. Mother full of writers have those characteristics of a mother’s love, but besides that, the way a woman is lonely, miserable, abandoned expressed motherhood and how she really upbringing Romain a special icon. How to love her strange child under the common understanding.

As a single woman, the poor, to cover everything bươn profession to make a living but not so that she let her son take disadvantaged in cognitive, educational disadvantage. France is a passionate enthusiast, always wanted to be a part of the French nobility, her head stuffed into his son the best picture dreamy, best of France, the country of Victo Hugo, of Rimbaud, the Minister De Gaulle. France out of her imagination is a precious foot country, the country of the most wonderful people, the best personality. What make it go with her ​​on her eyes a perfect safeguard mechanism term when her original life in Nice

South of France very difficult, or even when France defeated and surrendered to Germany, the the love blindly and ideal for France in her never lost. And the French – her hometown in the future it was to thrust, is the destination of the land of poetry, of nobility, of the true man to let her make a normal kid a famous individual. And it seems she was driven to her child in all sectors expect an attempt to find a natural accident that in their children to make it an outstanding individual, especially two areas of political and artistic. There are two things she wants him to become later an ambassador to France and a distinguished French writer. And Romain’s life is indeed a most evidence for the Buddhist karma. She wants her son to become so, but she did not sit still and prayed. Everything was she thoroughly outlines sometimes slightly exaggerated. To become an ambassador she taught her children the way of the elite, its treatment of women, how to speak and walk … the way her French nationality to children, then do everything profession to make a living but never to son disadvantaged, hungry for it, for it sees its mother needy, and she go to school officers and law school … And to be a writer, she always encouraged and as create favorable conditions for the children to be quiet to write, so the earnest desire to become a writer the reputation it represents a clear and strong that became an obsession for him.

“I feel must hurry, must quickly write a timeless literary masterpiece. Masterpiece which, when turned me into Tolstoy’s youngest all-time, will allow me to immediately offset the difficulties, struggling mother, honoring her life right. “.

The mother of Romain really a man planning genius, one who nurture and formed a talented person. A person turning their children into a desired pattern is probably live forever. – Maybe the way she wanted her son to conquer the most beautiful girl, the most noble, the most prestigious such a way to show success in the life of a real man really special. Not so that when Romain was the only person not be granted the rank of pilot training, he feared his mother’s frustration would make his mother collapsed and he had found a great reason, a reason can only think of one who understood all too well by his mother as yet. He said that his wife’s affair with the commanding officer should have been missed. And indeed, not only did not bother her, but proud, proud of his sons took the command that captured the affection of his wife. The way the mother wanted him to become a strong and masculine like a mirror image of the man but strong treachery gave her away many years ago has made ​​a daring Romain always do everything for women forthrightly and courageously. As a kid when you want to please her Valentine he was willing to eat everything to express themselves, to eat worms, butterflies, and even eat the shoes … I think back to the mother of Florentino Ariza, knowing my love Fermina Daza his son with the blind, is heartbroken, but she has always supported her son’s wounds whenever he talks into tears, mothers hugged children at heart without blame, did not revile the desperate love of their children, and I think the way that woman – the mother of nurturing love my son so very special, beyond sentiments often possessed of ego with the other mothers. – Romain by his energy, by astute in life, with a mother’s love fully, by understanding all the sacrifices his mother has great for him, he has done all that she wished her son achieved. Maternal love of two people has become as a role model in this life.

I have repeatedly seen this book and liked the cover of the book much, but just did not pitch her ​​purchase until you’re introduce a new favorite I made ​​decision to buy and read. And indeed his story had fascinated me completely, love his mother had for him is like a love child in an extreme way that my mother gave me, perhaps Regardless motherhood anywhere there is a common denominator that the only exception occurs because the geographical location, so different in terms of social awareness, several of the traditional values, and different circumstances of life. Romain’s mother truly unique and ideal, but afterall, in many other respects my mother really special and ideal, the way my mother became not situated in an ideal way my mother I created man with qualities as now, that’s the way mother dealing with people to make these children I look at and learn how people, the way my mother conceived the needy, to find ways to help, always sink in thinking to help someone or other, his life never cease to do the best thing for her baby, really ask the favor with my parents will understand my mother is special, and for me, my parents are the greatest people in my life. Maybe so I have a great affinity with Romain, and led me from a reader who loathe autobiography became intoxicated read this book. Having said that, but until now I still just a cotton coat who also do not become the “filial”.

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