Some off nicely cooked dishes from bamboo in Tay-Nguyen

Besides using bamboo tree to make unique musical instruments like T’rung, Chapi, the indigenous peoples also used to cook foods such as rice, attractive, soup indent, bud clouds …
Tree bamboo is a bamboo tree and they present a lot in the Highlands. This plant is familiar in the life of the majority of the peoples of the Central Highlands as Ede, M’nông, S’tieng … In everyday life, many things of her children as baskets, wash, trumpet, flute , water containers are made from bamboo trees. And unique than the people here are used to make food more appealing.

Bamboo trees to cook ethnic dishes carefully selected here, the tree is not old nor young. The burn long and straight, have large core in order to accommodate multiple cooking ingredients.

Rice bamboo

Bamboo tube used to cook rice, as is the small tube, not too young nor too old, most of the indigenous peoples are cooked with sticky to use in the festivities of the village. Glutinous be softened then poured into bamboo tubes and covered with banana leaves used, the grill on fire to nine offers. When rice is cooked shell is peeled away and cut small pieces to taste.

Eaten with rice, sesame salt or meat. Rice, the rustic delights of the indigenous peoples, contained emotion, the aroma of rice, bamboo aroma of Highland mountain forests immense. If given the opportunity to Highland travelers rice, do not forget, sesame, rustic dishes but filled with sentimental of people here.
Vegetable soup indent photography

Dish soup daily enema is often seen by fellow M’nông, S’tieng or Ede. Enjoy yourself and live close to nature, the indigenous peoples often use the available materials of the forest for food processing, farming is also indented dish cooked from wild vegetables, fish streams.

Punching and vegetables are picked young photographers from the forest put bamboo tube then roasted over the fire red. When the tube has moved the yellow soup for more spring fish, salt and a little MSG. Turn the tube to soups are cooked, then use a long bamboo continuous indentation to the ingredients in the soup puree tubes are together. It is this effect that soup called special way. This fleshy plasticity of photography vegetables mixed with the sweetness of forest streams with clear water, fresh taste of fish make excellent tasty dishes mountains.
Bitter coffee enema tube

Bitter coffee is your favorite dish ethnic Ede, bitter trees grow around the house, the forest’s edge or on the roads in the village. Early morning on the way home cultivation, people here are always available in the bearer bitter over his shoulder. Bitter coffee is cooked with many dishes as shrimp, dried fish, bushmeat or um with frogs.

Perhaps most delicious coffee enema tube bitter with spring fish or bushmeat. Chopped bitter entered bamboo tube, pour some more water then the fire tube grill corner. Bamboo pipes and water discoloration, use a rolling boil small bamboo tree crushed finely indented equally. Continue for more spring fish or wild meat and some spices to fit your mouth, turn the tube to just nine are usable. The bitter taste of coffee mild, aromatic taste of the tube, the sweetness of the meat or fish forest streams, all blend to make up the taste is very strange, unique and typical of Highland mountains.
Punching cook tube

Punching is rare delicacies of the indigenous peoples, because to get the signature dish of this fellow right through the jungles, go all day to get the freshest tree bud clouds. Punching firmly on the hull is removed spines on the outside then the bamboo tube add a little boiling water and place on the grill. Pipes has boiled, add a little salt, MSG and rotate them to sprout cloud nine tubes are. When you see the water boiling, the aroma of fragrant clouds sprout the time is just ripe cloud tube.

Pour tube flap cloud banana leaves add a little salt to make map dot bird’s eye chili. Food will be more tasty dishes while enjoying the heady wine. Between mountain flavor, you’ll warm yeast visitors an unforgettable experience in the Highlands.
Sitting between Highland forest collecting enjoy traditional dishes of the people, hear gurgling streams, echoes of forest leaves rustling, echoes of gong boisterous party fragrant cup of wine would be a great experience For those who arrived in the land of wild, wonderful full of mystery.

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