Enjoying the Beef grilled by stoneheat

Grilled slices of beef cooked on the small rock of Highland mountains brings a delicious exotic dishes.
Food was fairly simple process with fresh beef, served with the cake, noodles, vegetables and some kind of seasoning sauces.

Not only attractive with rice, chicken sa fire, salad or salad bitter wild vegetables … culinary Highland also charm guests with grilled beef dish delicious tasty ice that once enjoyed one can not forget be.

Listen to the name seems strange but in fact as well as raw material cooking is simple. Ingredients include beef fillet, vegetables of all kinds, rice paper and seasoning sauce. There will be many mistakes without mentioning the small stones used to roast beef. The hot cooked by steam has helped steak soft, sweet and delicious more.
A thin piece of stone nun hot, beef is dipped in oil and baked on stone.

Cows used as kind in Highland beef, reared for meat to pasture so toned, soft, slightly sweet taste delicious. Beef washed, cut into slices not too thick (hard impermeable spices) or too thin (when cooked dry), marinated beef with spices like five-spice powder, salt, a little sugar, onion, garlic, chopped lemongrass and sesame. Mix very well, next to the little oil, stirring to beef from drying out while baking.

Fan pink brazier true, take a small rock, clean set up. When hot stones, the surface a little oil, little minced garlic for aromatic flavor. Finally, you turn to pick up slices of meat evenly on the surface of the stone and baked. When the mind becomes all to slice roast beef browned sides. Only baked to, not too dry roast beef slices will lose water, not tasty.
Marbled beef dishes dragging can sip wine with friends inside jars need cool air in the Highlands at night. However, the best is to rolls, fresh noodles, vegetables of all kinds and served with seasoning sauce. The blending of beef flavor, aroma of the vegetables, seasoning sauce tasty tear gas adds to the attractive, appetizing dishes typical for Highland mountains this.

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