Learning about the traditional costumes of Ede ethnic people

Ede but have almost 30 different local groups, but are generally a form of dress. On the form, and how modern garb of ethnic Ede carries the same features of many residents in the Truong Son – Central Highlands. Women wear long skirts and short sleeve pullovers. Men often wore loincloths and long wing too buttocks. Men and women all love to use more silver jewelry ring, copper ring.
+ Apparel women:
Traditional dress of the woman called Myeng. It’s a black brocade cloth rectangle 1.30 meters width and 0.95 meters in length. When covering the ankle skirt. Running along the bottom of the road itself patterned skirt with Mesopotamia and grain pattern, corncob, chameleons, birds, fish, red figure with mixed white gold looks quite garish. Based on the quality of this traditional pattern, Ede has many different names: Myeng dech, Myeng Drai, Myeng Kdruech Piek, Myeng Mut. Among them is the high price skirt dech than (former value by 2 to 3 buffalo) followed Drai dresses, skirts Kdruech Piek. It’s beautiful dresses that the girls usually wear Ede in festivals or during the wedding ceremony.
Traditional pullovers women Ede (also known as jacket dech) have embroidered the pattern of horizontal and vertical lines in the shoulder, arm, wrist and part bear shirt (the pattern is similar in pattern dresses). The motifs on the pullovers are embroidered in red with white colored, gold highlights on a black background of the shirt itself. Low square neck and shoulder. Austria closed wrong, the panels before and after equal. Shirt open at the shoulders and have to bear a row of daisies press bronze looks very beautiful sparkle. Women often tufts of hair Ede I’m nape, set brooch bronze or ivory. Tram straight type and type U. They usually have two types of scattered towel: towel chit behind the nape or the forehead Campaign’s cross-shaped (like women’s headscarves entrance Cham) add charm woman Ede female.
+ Men’s Apparel:
The man with the habit brought archives Ede. Archives black, are fellow hunter woven cotton se width 0.28 meters long and from 3 to 5 meters above the road archives have many motifs run along the edge of the few, at both ends of the archives have long tassel 0 , 25 meters and was weaving a horizontal strip along this pattern that name each type archives: Archives K / tech, archives Drai, bowng bawl, M / hallway, but the most valuable is the archives K / tech, Drai archives ( former value by 2 to 3 buffalo).
Traditional Austrian men’s long sleeve Ede, pullovers. That kind of T-shirts, cover the buttocks, let long to mid-thigh and knee, after a longer body front. Between chest opened a passage from 10-15 cm, with brass buttons line, braided with red. Two arrays chest decorated two bright red strip shaped pattern spread wing eagle, which symbolizes vigor and rising aspirations of Ede. Austrian named Gru Kwich dech shirt, usually worn at festivals, weddings community.
In general, traditional costumes of women Ede looks graceful, elegant discreet. Traditional costumes are garish Ede men than women. It represents the traditional beauty of the costumes Ede.

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