Krong Kmar Waterfall – A legendary waterfall

Krong Kmar is a large waterfall and tourist sights of Dak Lak province. It is located in the town of Krong Kmar, Krong Bong district, Dak Lak province, located a 60 km.cach Me Thuot town center Krong Kmar 4 km.

Krong Kmar not spectacular as other waterfalls as Dray Sap Dak Lak, Dray Nur, Gia Long, but with a unique wild beauty by hiding under Cu Yang Sin range stretches between deep green forests, fields green rice Krong Bong district. Currently, this is a remarkable tourist attractions in Dak Lak was invested by mining seriously. Falls very special by the reef stretching along the river, clear water with natural beaches. Also, here there Kmar Krong hydropower projects under construction. Located in the province Chu Yang Sin National Park should be able to combine sightseeing with understanding of national forest.

Garden Cu Yang Sin National Forest near 60.000ha spread wide on his eponymous mountain range contains many mysteries and hundreds of species of trees, rare animal that not many people lucky to be discovered. The higher the more visitors will discover many spectacular with pure springs, spectacular waterfalls, beautiful flowers immense forest; grilled fish beside the stream, her daughter watching the beautiful Ba Na immersed in the folk songs … but fascinated.

Derived from the highest peak of the majestic ranges of Chu Yang Sin is known as the roof of the Highlands, Krong Kmar line down from the mountain foothills of the towering almost 2,500 meters, forming a waterfall Krong Kmar look wild bear , dreaming that someone had once come here would remember forever.

In the watershed, from the top of the Chu Yang Sin, the water poured down the steps to form successive falls. Field of Krong water pouring down the stone steps Kmar white foam, creating a noisy sound line echoes the primeval forest. Next to the water column of the falls there are many big rocks and flat as a table for visitors to stop and admire the festivals held lightly between the stream bed. From those who prefer to explore the mountain scenery can walk under the waterfall backwards towards the upstream and going up to the beginning of the line Krong Kmar. You will be very surprised when no suspect in the high mountains of Chu Yang Sin range has a broad blue lakes and dozens of meters deep in the middle of a pine forest all year round music vu mixed with melodic singing holy tucks many forest birds. Unlike bottom always rushing waterfall, where very quiet wilderness, close to those who want to find yourself a quiet setting and poetic between wild nature.

Coming waterfall Krong Kmar you will admire the impressive scenery that the Creator has endowed humans, is wallowing amid broad beaches in blue cool water in illuminating each pebble gravel. Hours cruises, sightseeing inside the cascade will give you the feeling relaxed, refreshed, dispel fatigue after stressful workday chain. Another interesting thing is that you’ll still be riding elephants of Ede people make a climber conquered Mount Chu Yang Sin, or enjoy the unforgettable taste of the Highlands wine.

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