Johnny Depp – “The bright star” beside the main characters

In 1984, Nicholas Cage met Johnny Depp for the first time in Los Angeles. This fateful encounter marked the first step in Depp’s acting career, when he was determined to follow the advice of a friend who had just left his singing career to pursue acting.

Very quickly, Depp received the role of Glen Lantz in ‘A nightmare on Elm street’ – the beginning of the legendary horror series about mass murderer Freddy Krueger. Producers and directors immediately took notice of Depp, and almost immediately afterwards he received an offer of acting. Depp successfully caught the eye of director Tim Burton in 1990. After ‘Edward Scissorhands’, Depp officially became a ” Character “in Hollywood.

In spite of being out of line and close, Ronna Kress and Jerry Bruckhemier decided to take Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow for Walt Disney’s new project. This decision did not disappoint them as Pirates of the Caribbean immediately became the new golden hedgehog of Walt Disney, with both film and film franchises trading more than ten years later. Depp reached the pinnacle of his career.

Many Johnny Depp moviegoers are able to spot a fatal weakness in Depp’s acting. He is not an actor who can stand the stage, but easily shines when a big star is attached – a deuteragonist, but willing to overpower the protagonist. With ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexicon’, Depp’s Sands agent role was more lively and impressive than Antonio Banderas’s Mariachi. Will Turner has been identified as the main protagonist of the series, but as we all see, Orlando Bloom is only three years out with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. The movie, with a half cameo, half exploration in ‘Salazar’s revenge’, and Jack Sparrow’s face.
That is the point where evil begins. At Depp’s standing, it’s really hard to find a partner who’s on the same footing for a guy who’s ready to make the floor – Hollywood Sherlock, Watson, is too rare. It can be said that after ‘Public Enemies’ (2009), Depp did not play a role worthy of his cat. After films such as ‘Transcendence’, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Mortdecai’ or even ‘Alice through the looking glass’, I have put all my hopes up for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s revenge’. Again by Orlando Bloom. The film does not disappoint – how can not spoil those who have not seen it – as it offers a brighter and more reliable promise for the sequel to the series.

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