How to plant the Lilies flowers

Lilies flowers is aquatic planting tree and it’s beautiful. With gentle, pure fragrances lilies became the focal point in the ponds into the blooms. On every occasion of summer you can catch on the ponds so much smaller flowers blooming colourful spills on water. That is, a type of water lily flower is very beautiful aquatic plantings that we can’t see.

Lilies are derived from ancient Indian and be replicated out to tropical countries such as Thailand, China and Vietnam…which all of them could available. Noble beauty of water lilies have been going on in many poetry and is grown in outdoor ponds of ancient kings. Unlike the Lotus image rise high, water lily grows is spread on the surface of the water. When the Lotus in the Lake gradually broken, is at the most beautiful flowers bloom gun cotton.

Lilies are grown in our country are usually divided into two categories. A kind foil for continuous flowers year round and thick leaves generally for flowers in the summer. The color of the flower also has quite a lot of colors for you to choose from. From the white-blooming only in daylight gun, guns pink, purple and green usually hatch at night looks very beautiful.

White guns bring pure beauty when blooming, the flowers to and has many wings.

While that seems pretty purple gun fancy looking like green fire spots.

In addition to native plants now have pretty much kind of lilies imported mainly from Thailand for the flowers to pretty and Nice, fragrant and long lasting. If you are lovers of the beauty of the flowers, the guns don’t wait any longer without the small lake before his home into outdoor flowers colorful guns or simply create a small gun flower pots adorn the garden more beautiful this summer.

The indispensable items when planting lilies:

A lake is clean if you want growing in the Lake.
Plastic or metal pots have drainage holes diameter 40 cm depth 20 cm.
Sugar beet seed or seed has been processed, clean the roots and the soil.
Clean gravel and small stones soil to root like fixed.
You can plant lilies is by seed or propagated by root or by separate trees. If you are new to embark on flowers planted pink guns, then gun for ease of care and not the technical requirements are too high.

The best time to plant lilies is from spring to autumn. Relatively cold winters so the survival rate will not cao should when East to is at the gun butts and rest. Gun which only grows and flowers when the Sun is warm. The plant will bloom in the morning, in the evening, then closed and after 4-5 days.
The steps of planting lilies from seed

Tiny gun nuts, such as sesame seeds, are preserved in the water environment. The mother bought about not yet planted immediately should to into plastic bags containing water, and 1 for the cool pane into the refrigerator.

Step 1: Soak seeds
* Take the seeds out from the bag (be very careful because the grain of the gun is quite small). For the seed to cup of clean water (temperature between 26-30oC). Soak the seeds in until the seeds out of the roots.
* Warning water change from 1-2 times/day

Step 2: move
* When did you root out gun nuts move to cultivate in the mud.
* Prepare 2 pots: 1 small pot pour the mud or dirt inside & pot to contain water. Put small pots to pots inside. Planting the seeds out into the mud gun in small pots. When the tree is young leaves, can spread more gravel onto the pots to decorate.

Step 3: take care
* After about 1-2 weeks, the mother of fertilizer NPK fertilizers seeds add (buy in the store plants or the flea market).
* The gun will flower after about 4-5 months of planting. Gun flower continuously, year-round, including winter months.
* You can set external gun pods, balcony, Garden decorations are very nice.

The steps taken by a gun-like tuberous plants.

Step 1: prepare the tuberous varieties.

The planting of a gun by tubers like ensure the survival rate is quite high. CU just like you buy about wash clean the dirt and using scissors cut trimmed less the old leaves and the roots are too long.

The withered leaves and less pruning the roots will help the plant become more simple.
Step 2: prepare planting pots.

Planting pots you have prepared about 40 cm in size and depth 20 cm. Pots planted with too little, the flowers and leaves later than the baby. Pots may have holes or no holes are. If the pelvic hole lick then no need to thin fabric liner if your pots have holes ladies should lined inside with a layer of thin fabric to keep the land.

Planting the gun could be the heavy soil or mud soil planting. Before planting should clean soil, remove gravel and coal just to clean land. Contact ground on 2/3 pots and soil pressure on the perineum. In addition to increase the level of nutrition for the soil you can also mix more with moderate fertilizer soil helps root the same lick sharp roots developed in the first phase.
Step 3: growing tubers of varieties in pots.

Place the tubers of varieties into neatly between the pots on Government land around again so that part leaves create a tilt angle facing up. As if afraid of strange trees land you can wrap the outside bulbs like a layer of silt then planted then there will be greater efficiency.

Next you cover up the pelvic surface of a layer of gravel or small stones. This gravel grade both for decorating the pots growing medium can help to keep the soil below not be drifting when pouring water into.

After you’ve finished pouring gravel to potting soil water infuse the water gradually.
Step 4: Planting and care of trees.

If you planted in pots, then after pouring into the mouth wetland planting pots. The water level is approximately 10 cm pots are way. If you plan to plant them out small lake, after planting you put this down to the Lake and pots full of water pump in the tank. The water level is also a tree about 10 cm to the development tree.
You put the gun down planting medium pots then water pump on.

The ideal depth for planting the gun is about 40 cm, height approx 10 cm stalk to the surface of the water. If planting the tree too deep will be quite hard to grow so much that leaves only less flowers or can be killed.

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