How to plant the Gerbera

Gerbera is many people’s favorite flowers especially on the occasion of the new year. By them to bring good luck and happiness for the landlord. So ask yourself for planting pots for money to prepare for Tet.

Gerbera  is native to South Africa. In Vietnam the Gerbera like the single currency entered about planting from the 1940s. Characteristics of single-flower varieties is growing, adapts well to natural conditions. The Gerbera is planted by two small flower-shaped tongue and tubular form, is the flowering type single self image early. In the process of blooming flowers, flower bloom blade-shaped tubular flowers bloom earlier, later, flowers bloom in sequence from the outside in each round.
How to grow the Gerbera:

Land your favorite currencies: Gerbera , porous soil ventilation levels elevated, easy draining, humus much. Soils for pots of coins including coir peat soils under sand + ratio 3:3: 1.
Seeders: cultivated in the spring or early summer. The seeding pots small trees, put in the window to seeds pots will grow brighter. After tree sprout, a few days back and rotate the opposite side to the outside light so that the tree is straight growth stimulus.

Flower care techniques for Gerbera :

Move the pots: When the flowers were growing higher currencies are about 10 to 15 cm, we hit the tree out to the garden or pots. In the new pot plants have hit about cm soil should I pour on the currency lower mouth pots 1 to 2 cm to avoid pests.
Watering: watering pots for coins in the morning, avoid watering late in the afternoon the tree susceptible to disease. Use aerosol moisture to irrigate the land, paying attention not to make splash ground up leaves. However, Gerbera not subject to limits but also reluctant moisturizes too, so depending on the conditions can 2-3 days watering once.
Fertilizing: Fertilizer fertilizers such as potassium, phosphorus, protein.
Note: flower coin does not bear much rain, salt fog and high light intensity. Therefore, planted the money need to do home cover to avoid rain, Frost and direct radiation light restrictions.

To have a nice new year play money flower pots you should make them now in order to flower out right time new year bring luck and prosperity tomorrow for your family.

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