How to plant and caring of Lavender on your home

Currently, a lot of places all over the country we both can lavender cultivation but requires care in provincially and still have to depend on each season. The North can plant in fall, winter, cold regions such as Dalat, Sa Pa then planted all four seasons but should avoid rainy season because Lavender is not hygroscopic. In the South the climate is hot and humid, rain often considered for this species should only be planted in November – 12 in the year.

Lavender cultivation experience:

-Seeders: Do be preserved in a long time so the seeds must be soaked in water 12 hours and soaked with the solution f g gibberellins (plant growth hormones) before planting. Soil leveling before planting, irrigation until seep water, sow the seeds, and then covered with a layer of fine soil, thickness 0, 2 cm, covered with grass to keep the humidity of the soil.


-Maintain the temperature 15 to 25° c. Tree stage you must pay attention to watering but not too much, when Lavender sprout are 5-10 cm, then planted.

Seedlings germinate from 5-10 cm then donated to plant

-Land: Choose the slightly sandy soil alkaline or neutral, spongy, porous, not too moist. Select the type of planting pots have drainage holes.


-Irrigation: irrigation should not be too much because Lavender does not like regular roots retain water. Little irrigation, the irrigation only when the soil feels dry. The original and only around irrigation watering in the morning. Avoid making your stamping easy damage, reproduction of pests and disease.

-Fertilizing: Lavender bear good harsh, at least in need of nutrition. Can use fertilizer NPK 20-20-20.Dilute with water and fertilizer irrigation draw around the outline observation pods. Fertilizing every month, less the amount of fertilizer or fertilizers use slow dissolves.

-Light: Is your favorite tree light should need a lot of sunlight and humidity environment. There should be at least 50% of the light of the Sun obscured in the summer, increase ventilation to reduce the ambient temperature as the water.

-Temperature: the temperature for the best growing Lavender is between 15-25° C and from 5-30 ℃ can develop. Limit temperature: 35° c

Take care of lavender in the House

-Place the pots of lavender near the window so that the tree can be exposed to Ang for at least 8 hours each day. Rotate the pots each day lays light can expose all the same, the pots will grow evenly and beautifully.

-Repotting once a year, following larger pots before pots about 3 cm in diameter. Additional land for new pots.

-After flowering and should remove the sand began laying flowers stalks stimulates the tree branches and laying on flowers direct

Remove flower stalks after flowering to stimulate tree branches and laying on flowers direct

Any where, purple shades and scents of lavender lover also makes people infatuated. The flowers of lavender are grown right in your home garden will make the space more romantic and sweet.

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