How to grow the Spread Jelly rocky at home

Spread jelly rocky or fossil flowers are a type of tree are popular well known recently by everyone because of their beauty, flowers, jelly spread this life-like ice stones when not in bloom look incredibly beautiful eyes.

Spread jelly live rock

Fossil trees spread at first glance like the stones, at least one suspected that they can produce beautiful flowers. Spread jelly cácmàu lithops flower white, yellow … each time such outburst from the extremely fancy stones.

Spread jelly leaves no regular green that we have many different colors such as cream, grey, Brown.That kind of score the points or the brain like Van pebbles rough drafts.

Spread jelly growing techniques:

Growing conditions:

Fossil flower seeding temperature spread stone lives on about 20-25 degrees C.
Growth temperature spread jelly live stone flower 18-35 degrees C.
Spread jelly living stones appropriate for the spring, summer, autumn

Buy flower seeds, you soak the warm water from 2 to 4 hours later for on the pots for the soil and rocks around, you should be planted in soil tribat soil is best, just enough moisture daily watering because this is a kind of preferred climate, ice flowers nghiêt.

Spread jelly live rock including one or more pairs of bulbous shape, almost opposite merges with another and almost no original. The slot between the leaves of the tree that contains the meristem produces flowers and new leaves. The leaves are thick to store enough water for the tree survive for months without rain.

During the winter, a new leaf pair, or sometimes more than one, developing the best foliage folder inside there. In the spring, the old leaf pair will wither and warped away to reveal a new leaf pair. the leaves spread jelly rock live can shrink and disappear under the ground. Yellow or white flowers emerge from the fissure between the leaves after the new leaf pair has fully matured.

Seeds are easy to germinate, when small seedlings, vulnerable in the first year or second year, and will not bloom until at least two or three years.

Proper tree planting in the spring, summer and need exposure to sunlight, plant cool place, have high humidity, intense sunlight can make the dead trees dry. Can plant by Living Stones or cutting branches.

Fossil trees spread appropriate living stone is a type of tree to decorate the Office desktop, a window or a balcony. If you take his planters to take care of living space are beautiful and more glamorous.

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