Time: 5 Days 4 Nights
Price: 3,690,000 VND
Transportation: Aircraft
Archive: Hotel 2, 3, 4 Stars
Departure from: Hanoi / HCM
Departure: Daily
Day 01: Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi – BUON CITY TOUR (DINNER)

Afternoon: tour guide Company Tours pick you up at the airport in Buon Ma Thuot (Flight 13:00)

1430: Takes you visit the Museum of Cultural Highland Peoples (which showcases the cultural artifacts of the peoples of Central Highlands), Ako Dhong (Commercial of Ede ethnic minority people in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot),

17h30: Dinner in restaurant

Evening: You are free to explore the City of Ban Me Thuot at night such as red Bun, enjoy coffee space, …

Overnight at hotel Buon Ma Thuot City.

Day 02: Buon Don RESORT GIA LAI (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Morning: Breakfast. After that visit Nga Sau Ban Me (victory monument Buon Ma Thuot), visit D’ray Nur waterfall (one of the most spectacular waterfalls Highlands). Continue to depart to Buon Don, you have the opportunity to pass a bamboo suspension bridge spanning the length 250met Srepok River, the ancient architecture of the Lao people over 120 years old, learn the cultural identity of people crypt M ‘ Agriculture Laos as well as to the past through stories about the history of the famous elephant hunting King Khunjunop 1 time.

10:30: Then back to Buon Ma Thuot, visit Khai Doan Pagoda Four colors, a unique combination of architecture and home of the Nguyen Dynasty long Highlands. Specialty shopping, Buon Ma Thuot.

11h00: Check. Lunch at the restaurant.

12.45: You depart the city along Highway 14. Pleiku On the way to visit the garden, garden, garden coffee and rubber.

17h20: Arrive at hotel in Pleiku.

18h00: Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 03: GIA LAI – HYDRO POWER Yali – KONTUM (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Morning: Breakfast. Depart for Kon Tum city along Highway 14. Along the way you visit Yaly Hydropower, Pleiphun village (ethnic Jorai), learn the customs and daily life of the people (the Rong , sepulcher, sepulcher, water stations, …).

11h30: Arrive in HCMC. Kon Tum. You check in the hotel. Lunch at the restaurant. Rest.

Afternoon: tour guide takes you to visit the Dak Bla River, Church Wood, Vinh Son Orphanage (where foster children orphaned parents, not the French position), the communal (ethnic Bana), Suspension Bridge crossing the river KonPklor Dakb’la, Bishop (where the French priestly formation).

18h00: Lunch at the restaurant.

Evening: You are free to explore the peaceful stream D’Bla right in the city, enjoy the famous Kon Tum coffee: Café E’va (cultural characteristics of the Kon Tum).

Overnight in Kon Tum.

Day 04: GIA LAI – BUON (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

06h30: Breakfast at restaurant

07h30: Depart The Minh Thanh Temple (unique architecture of Buddhist art school), Lake T’Nung (which provides for the city water and fish. Pleiku – dubbed the pearl of Pleiku). About the hotel to rest.

11h00: Check. Lunch at restaurant

13h00: Depart for Buon Me Thuot City along Highway 14 (the HCM).

17:30: Arrive, check-in hotel. Rest.

1800: Dinner at a restaurant.

Evening: You are free to explore the City of Ban Me Thuot at night such as red Bun, enjoy coffee space, …

Overnight at hotel Buon Ma Thuot City.

Day 5: HO LAK – PRACTICAL AIRPORT (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

06h30: Have breakfast at the hotel. Check.

07h30: Enjoy the famous coffee flavor in Ban Me Thuot Coffee shop MeHyCo Heaven … (expenses excluded). Here you can take souvenir photos with scenic architecture and enjoy coffee space.

0830: You continue the journey to discover Ho Lak. On the way to visit a pepper garden and coffee garden. Visit Lak Lake, visiting Le and wholesale traders to witness Jun community activities of M’Nong. Riding elephants wading Lak lake, canoe sit to admire the wild beauty and immensity of Lake Lak.

11h30: Lunch at the restaurant Lak Lake to enjoy the special dishes here (as strabismus waterfall Grilled fish, bitter soup, rice, and chicken barbecue, …).

14h30: Xe and guides airport transfer to Buon Ma Thuot, procedures for flight to Hanoi / HCM / Danang / Haiphong / Thanh Hoa / Vinh. End of tour itineraries. Welcome and see you.

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