Highland Experience Tours (kinh nghiệm du lịch Tây Nguyên)

Travel Highland – Land of the mountains, the forest, of the endless poem, the birthplace of countless heroic legend has saved thousands of life forever. Highlands is to be heard and gong music vibes, to know the wine spicy, bitter taste of coffee and guitar sound vibration motors, above Klong Put clear as water springs and to learn that in Your heart is always existing lands. Please join Highland tour of vietsense to enjoy majestic mountain landscape, discover the unique culture of ethnic minority people in mountainous areas. For a western trip memorable and meaningful materials, visitors can consult some experience below.

1.Phuong means to Highlands
Participation trip Highlands has many moving but most commonly it is Aircraft. To fly to Highland You can travel VietJetAir or VietnamAirlines. The two companies are always threatening Cheap Airfare. You take the time to pay attention on the network or registered mail with them to get cheap tickets as standard, or contact the Company for Tourism Vietsense cheapest fares. dulichtaynguyen.org listed a means to Highlands to your notes to your travel notebook:

By Air: From the airport of Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat with Vietnam Airlines Airline, VietJetAir

Road: The national highways 14 (from Dak Nong), 26 (from Nha Trang), 27 (from Dalat), … are all important gateways to the city. Can refer to the route: TP. Ho Chi Minh City – Buon Ma Thuot – Pleiku – Kon Tum, Buon Ma Thuot – Nha Trang – Da Lat.

Motorcycle rental and traveling to explore the city and surrounding area will give you the true experience of the sun and wind as well as the legendary Highland road.

Motorcycle 2.Thue BMT

Normally the players will go open phượt bus prior to Buon Me Thuot, after khion kerning food, new place to being hired motorcycle into account. But according to her, then you should contact us and houseware before a date prior to such ensure you always have the car for hire in the high season and is not afraid of problems arise. In this article I will sum up for you the contact information for the rental motorcycle dealer in Buon Me Thuot.

Like elsewhere, rent car in Buon Me Thuot also not very high between 150 – 200k depending on peak or off-peak buying and also depending on whether you rent cars or scooters number.

You remember to bring the original ID card, together with a photocopy. If the owners asked to provide new original, taken, otherwise, should take the photo. When calling up the required car hire vehicle owner household coax gasoline.

Check the car thoroughly before you receive. Should ask time paid car and prescribed penalties for late payments.
3. Select a time to Highlands
December calendar is an ideal time for visitors to the Highlands by this time where many festivals take place here and the season bright yellow wild sunflowers bloom on basalt.
Go Highlands without drinking wine is considered not to Highland. But every nation in Central Highlands culture different drinking wine that travelers should learn.
Xedang people have valid: Before drinking homeowners set up ear sliced ​​chicken liver and professed divine flaking. The Elder always the first drink. Often guests are invited to the first bird, but should invite village elders and drink before the host. With H’re, when everyone was sitting around the smashed wine, the landlord got up, pulled a piece of painting over flaking roof plugged into wine (symbolizing heaven and ancestors inviting drink before), then pour the water. If the landlord fill a smashed mouth, which is expressed by respected guests. Guests must drank alcohol part is you another invite.

Typically, each of the wines have a moderator is appointed. Need to be constantly transferred from one person to another. Who does not drink right thumb tipped guest can.Du should also know the many different customs.

Long Ede house has two staircases, one thing is the stairs – for women and special guests up and down. The top of the staircase was whittled nose like ship, the bottom has a crescent moon and women’s breasts symbolize matriarchy. Stairs Duc usually much smaller and are located far to the left for the men in their family to go down. Career usually of two types of stairs on odd number: 3,5,7 (Ede favorite figure 7).
If travelers want to know how many families daughter, look at the window: how much house they have this much window daughter. Closed window means that the girl is not “arrested her husband”, while other window expansion means that the girl was “arrested her husband.”

After Tet weather in Ban Me wind and dry air. Early morning pick me up in the mountain town of frost translucent and clear exhaled breath from nostrils. One sip coffee shop corner between mountain town, to see the soul agitated with scheduled trips.

4. March Highlands coffee flowering season

In the rain and singing lyrical and renowned artist’s land of sunshine and latte cups, fragrant in the cold mountains of the sweeter when taken in anywhere.

Not everyone is lucky to Highlands right into bloom season. Because the flower usually blooms 2 -3 coffee session until late spring and bloom each service fast fade as quickly as Bloom, just a few days the flower beds turned into petite fruit buds.
The green coffee forests overnight turned into fluffy white flowers, making visits not surprised from. Under clear blue skies and mild sunshine, the white of the economic tree species Highlander weaving white carpet spread across the hillside, the garden, the cultivation of the people of Ban Me.
Time for spring is the busiest time of the year of Buon Ma Thuot. Guests come to Tay Nguyen to soak up the unique natural scenery of the region with lots of sun and wind unique festival.

Sweet scent of seductive coffee blossom everywhere bees fly about playing pollen, nectar to create honey delicious, thicken. And in his scenic vistas, shoals of colorful butterflies also follow the coffee fragrance drag racing to Ban Me fly across the sky, creating a picture ecstatic heart. Her flowers, flavor was a unique beauty of the basalt soil, bring the soul for coffee flowering season, causing far less remembered Ban Me.
Last spring, flower and coffee were less young fruits have papillae on the stem, indicating a bumper coffee crop. Coats and backpacks around Highlands during the spring, to where the coffee drunk in sweet fragrance.

Highland ladder 5.Ruong

Every year around mid-September to early October, photographer and traveler population back up remote northwestern contemplate, take pictures of the terraced fields a yellow sheen across the hillside. Few people knew at Highland Gold has a season like that …

Urges the wandering footsteps. These days around Mang Buk, Mang Den or valley of Muong Hoong, Ngoc Linh high rang … is on the rice season nine. Villagers eagerly into the fields harvesting rice, laughter resound everywhere.

These villages, ringing high here also an annual paddy crop. Almost always the rice and rice eaten in years. Prosperous season is about on the high REO Highlands.

6.Vi geography, climate characterized Highlands

Highlands consists of 5 provinces in order of geographical location from north to south including Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong with area 54 474 km2 naturally accounted for 16.8% of the natural area country. Highlands could be divided into three sub-regions of terrain and climate are three sub-regions, including North Highlands (corresponding to the provinces of Kon Tum and Gia Lai, before a province), Central Highlands (corresponding to Dak Lak and Dak Nong), Southern Highlands (corresponding to Lam Dong Province). Central Highlands have lower altitude and higher temperatures both the northern and southern sub-region.

Influenced by the equatorial climate; The annual average temperature of about 20 0C-conditioning year round day and night thermal amplitude difference above 5.5 0C. Highland climate has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons. Hot dry season term, severe dehydration, hot and humid rainy season, concentrated 85-90% of annual precipitation.

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