Hamburger – the story about the searching of a perfection from a popular dish

Hamburger is a standing dish at the first position in the list of the most popular dishes in the world. Whether you have never once tasted this dish at least cult has also repeatedly seen it appear in Hollywood films along with hot dogs. At the same time, the story of the struggle between the dishes are originating in the US or Germany also has repeatedly appeared in the newspapers.

If you learn about the history of the burger in the pages of world cuisine, you’ll find this dish is the steak sandwich precursor made by a delicious steak type base sandwiched between two slices of sandwich bread European classics. However, in a few centuries ago, red meat, especially beef is still a luxury dish is only for rich families or nobility. To put a burger gradually becoming a dish for all, it gradually replaced the expensive foundation steak between two slices of bread and a piece of roast beef hash up.

Why did not the famous burger in Vietnam? This was partly because we had a dish sandwiches both cheap and delicious, nutritious enough irreplaceable. The rest is due to make a burger in Vietnam in style, it will need a lot of imported raw materials. Only’s what made the burger becomes vulnerable to price than bread.

Even the burger empire crust and used a different type of flour with the baking of Vietnam. Powder to burger bun (bun is the name for the burger only bread hooves) have higher nutritional content, more protein and certainly not cheap. For that reason, the new burger special crust, thick and swollen. Remaining flour to make traditional bread Vietnam is much cheaper. Even people still use yeast and baking powder to cake actual intestines bulge but not special.

Besides, all kinds of salads and toppings as many sauces … to eat together like wheat attacks, mayonnaise and ketchup (tomato sauce) is not something available in Vietnam hungry time a few decades ago. Therefore, a good burger if done properly sold in Vietnam standards which will have to price range 100-150 thousand. Expensive partly because beef, meat stuff with Vietnam a few decades ago is still a luxury. Vietnam before the French people from under the cow is an animal considered a plow, so beef made in Vietnam dong is very tough, not soft enough to be made into delicious dishes like beef steak beef. That is why the type commonly used in beef steak restaurants is imported from Australia, the US or Japan Senior cows.

Meanwhile, Vietnam bread, bread appeared in all places, even in times of inflation, and only cost about 30 thousand who were able to enjoy eating a pie filled with all kinds of people according to their own preferences. The dishes are made by native materials always have an extremely horrifying advantage of price is the same.

For many people, they are known by food burger McDonald’s Big Mac names. However, few people know that the only good at the McDonald’s located in a burger jobs can serve with lightning speed by to freeze all materials. But really the quality of McDonald’s burger can not be compared with the burger are made by slowly cooking methods of restaurants.

Burger, like bread, can be an extremely popular dish, also can become an item in the upper upscale restaurants. Burger want to do is not difficult, but to make a scrumptious burger was delicious both a feat. Like McDonald’s other dishes, their burger is served with ketchup, mustard and sauces dedicated to other fast food.

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But, at Louis’ Lunch, one of the oldest stores in the US burger, burger places esoteric formula from 1895, it refused to serve ketchup in your burger. Even on the back jacket of all service personnel also have the words “No ketchup” as to challenge the popularity of McDonald’s burger. The reason is easy to understand, ketchup spoil their taste and food burger at Louis’ Lunch is located in a completely different class than the McDonald’s fast food.

To have a perfect burger, you will need a crust made by very standardized powder, baked in a mold has been carefully calculated according to a person’s diet. In it, the crust is not too thin, will make the burger looked very measly, do not be too thick, because people will not be able to eat enough to open mouth to be able to chew it. Next, the bread’s own choosing, starting beef is also not simple. Often the type of ground beef to make burgers staff will be mixing meat from different parts of a cow. Each location has a density of fat and soft toys separately. Select the percentage of the cut pieces to grind and mix together was the secret of the burger restaurant reputation.

The magic of a burger-class lies in each bite, you will put into the mouth of one of the bread, roast beef hash, then the type of person comes identical. Next, how to penetrate the base wheel is not too much fat and wet, and how to share a bite that’s not splashed out … All the secrets from each such little things are it was calculated to produce scrumptious burger, is the same level as restaurant dishes. Even, in the kind of genuine burger restaurant, you will also be the order of the foundation ripeness not unlike minced beef steak. Medium or medium rare … Anthony Bourdain, the godfather of world cuisine, the character has appeared in a store bun cha with President Obama during a visit to Vietnam recently said if you go to any place without any burger sold for selected customers, the maturity of the meat is no different than the network itself filed for terrorists.

If you are interested, Mann will speak up more about what makes a burger and perfect level during the next section of this article.

At the same time, I also wonder, with readers interested in the premium where delicious burger in Vietnam or not?

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