Friends with Benefits (2011) – Hurting each other is disguise weakness

My question is the reason why the majority of love are not become the happy ending which like in the movies or novels, but ultimately they are only short-term and push us to misery and despair? And finally, two people, who used to be so good together, once a close friend, as a friend and a lover suddenly become two strangers. A script too sad, tragic and cliché, but it is life. Ask for the top, and the top then it is easy to fall off a cliff, or simply to go to ground. So we ignore those which are always optimistic about love (like me), just to the top 1 times the region was falling. Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie in Friends With Benefits (Mina Kunis) is two pessimist because of, as both are vulnerable because of their rubbish when they think love is brought to their attention and loving.

Injury and pessimistic, they pressed their true feelings, deceive ourselves to approach each level body that can not do “bad” moral together. They do not want to fall into the “rabbit hole”, a picture of love that a character in the film is about. Dylan and Jamie have come together so. A New York girl doing in the field of recruitment, there are quite classical notion of eternal love, but her boyfriend was hurt and rushed to the relationship one night so no one can hurt me anymore. But Dylan is a guy who has a face LA intelligent, but naive attitude, was recruited to the position as art director for a leading magazine in New York.

They get along right from the first meeting cool. United together, or talk frankly with each other than they look because Jamie as “head hunters” for the company, she needed Dylan seems appropriate to accept the job in New York. And then they decided to do you, the decision to have sex without emotional interference. But of course, you know what will happen and know. There’s no way the two of you have sex with each other, in ways that only lovers feel, desire, longing, and true happiness. The viewer can recognize the next motifs used in movies to predict the outcome. There are, Friends with benefits from director Will Gluck has interesting features that even a man who does not like romantic comedy genre as I also sometimes feel the excitement.

Never underestimate a film Rom-Com even if we knew the film what happens. Because within it, there are places where an astute director and humor can be deployed to ready attack moves viewers with exciting games, simple, but concise and standard time. The scenario brings an unexpected balance between the sequences, open and create bottlenecks for the two main characters have a space to express themselves just lovely, just full autonomy. If another film with the same theme launched in 2011 as Sex Friends starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher of the duo Justin and Mila Kunis were completely eaten off the ability to shed a character and giving story a depth sufficient to make fake identity and love.

Two friends, they have sex with each other and are still friends. It was too difficult for anyone. We can go through multiple one-night stand with many different people, but can not love many nights with a person and just call them friends. Because emotion is something to with the sublimation of sexuality. A man would hug her lover after sex, because men love girl. When Jamie responsible for Dylan left after sleeping with her, we understand that their feelings can not hide anymore. Love is just a road markings that either man to ignore the damage that step through to clinch the other would otherwise miss.

New York in this movie appeared so beautifully, a dynamic city, both superficial medium deep, glossy, and sad. A city that everyone dreams to once, to love, to live and to see how Hollywood golden slice it like any of his films. The film does not put us in a bad situation language story with romantic ungainly things not real, but it gives a realistic, about the damage and heal the damage, about love and sex. About the things we still have to go through, but accepting and still move on. The world is filled with people of every rabbit hole. Can we dare to step into the world to live in Wonderland, or we are afraid to step down to make it a day to return to his real world. The choice for each person.

However, the truth is, love is not a choice, it comes to me, unconscious and careless, and pulled away in the rabbit hole that I did not know, not up precautions. The new sequel is mine, it is the attitude towards the love that we have.

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