Experience of Planting of Marigold

Currently, marigold flowers are growing in popularity. In addition to being used to decorate, to do the scene in the Tet holiday, the flower also has many uses such as chasing insects, livestock feed or make chicken egg yolk more than due to increased concentrations of β-carotene in food for hens. In addition to the above uses, the longer the life span ten thousand flowers are used to make drugs. According to some Oriental medicine, the species of marigolds have a slightly bitter taste, fragrance and cool, the effect is can, except spend, phlegm, could treat dizziness stunned first, conjunctivitis, cough colds, acute trachea, for example, mumps, pertussis, pimples … Also according to the conception of modern pharmacology, the Marigold flower has many pharmacological effects like: anti-inflammatory, sedative, bronchodilator, helps reduce pain and prevent seizures.

How to grow and care of Marigold

1. Seeds:

On the Vietnam market there are now many different flower varieties like patula patula France, van tho Thai mainly is grown is the dwarf marigold flowers and marigold flowers. Dwarf Marigold flower stems, easy to grow and are not fussy about soil, can be grown year-round, flowers to have bright yellow, high trees 45-50 cm, communing development branch but very small flowers and no weight with the leaves. Planting time from when the sow came when flowers bloom for about 55-60 days.
Marigold flowers suitable for high celebration and also are grown year round, high trees from 60-70 cm.

2. Temporary planting:

This is the species of flowers can be grown year round but are growing in popularity to serve in celebration.
Dwarf marigold flowers are planted in early November and late Lunar for about 5/10 to 6/11 every year, the higher the Marigold flower is planted earlier, often planting in late October and Lunar late for 24-25/10 lunar calendar.

3. Sow flower seeds:

-The land used for flower seeding Marigold to be clean and porous soils drain fast. Soil mixture flowers include marigolds were husks ash reduces the salinity, the barn has been brewing and sandy soil or coir mixed all together according to the ratio of 1:1: 1 with a thickness of about 8-10 cm.
-To the room was vibrating and causing disease deep two thugs then before the seed about 2-3 days we are smoking Furadan on the face before sowing, sowing, shallow about 0.2-0.4 cm, and the distance between the sowing seeds is 2.5-3.5 cm long, then we filled up with animal manure and rice husk ash carefully.
-Every day we have to be watered at least twice early in the morning and cool afternoon to keep the soil moist. Can the seed into the soil with plastic bags, and the vote to elect must also be good water drainage.
-After we prepare the land then elected Marigold flower seeds to watering and vote for soil moisture. During this period we should gently watering for trees to not affect the tree.

4. Planting marigolds out baskets or pots:

-After sowing the seeds about 2 weeks (15 to 17 September), then proceed to bring forth Marigold flower growing in pots or baskets. For dwarf patula then the basket or pots with a diameter from 25-30 cm for patula high diameter from 30-35 cm, and note that the pots and baskets planted to ensure good drainage.
-Rate land is similar to the rate when the nursery but the height only in ¼ the height from the bottom. When conducted preparation of pots or baskets are carried into the tree planting, noting that only fill to the cotyledons and just growing cool afternoon.
-In the first 3 days when we just planted irrigated by misting sprays mist before the Sun and then we watered more, every day watering about three times early in the morning, 9-10 and 16-17 h pm. Note When watering if you see too many countries need digging you’re setting up for faster drainage.

5. Health care:

** Manure for the tree:

-After sowing flowers patula is about 9-10 days we should water the compost for fertilizer irrigation, however the tree must be very careful, fecal concentrations are lower than normal. We should mix 5 liters of water into about 400 liters of oil cake clean water and 200 g manure NPK ratio: 16:9. The need to increase the amount of water after the irrigation gear oil to about 6-7 liters of irrigation and separated 10 days.
-After planting out the pots or baskets for about 10 days then we need to proceed first with the tree for fertilizing rate of 10 kg 10 kg animal manure, rice husk Ash has to handle, 1 kg of oil cake and for 7 days then we fed them once when bloom, noted in the times for the second and third fertilizer should we increase the amount of oil cake up 10% compared with the first to increase the possibility of growth and development of plants, from the 4th, then the back of fertilizer according to the rate as top dressing.

** Additional tops for the tree:

– When marigold plant is approximately 35-40 days old, has grown by about 6-7 pairs of leaves and axillary buds are also rising to follow. Therefore, in order to not exceed the tree and the subsequent axillary buds will form and cotton are beautiful, we should press for the plants sprout at this stage, and Notes is only to about 5-6 pairs of buds is king. Time cut sprouts in early 12th lunar month, at the latest on 5 – 10/12 lunar calendar.
– Tree buds from about 40-45 days old, then we should cut back on small buds and leaving the main cotton growing and more beautiful flowers. For this stage, it should be limited much fertilizer.

** Some technical measures dealing with Marigold:

– When the flowers are 45-50 days old, if the flowers bloom earlier than expected, the need for irrigation urea fun of 1g / 1 liter of water, watering 2 times to this prolonged growth period makes flowers bloom assault rate .
– If you see a flower bloom later than it should stop watering about 1-2 days to give the leaves wilt then water again just moist enough, the next day so watered oil cake mix, can be used under the guidance of the KNO 3 production will stimulate flowering.

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